The USA government signed an agreement with Moderna in 2015 under BARRY’s administration to own the Frankenstein coronavirus which is the basis of the Covid-19.

This is a plan to control the population and enslave us all.

The NWO has beaten the world down so you accept perpetual defeat and beg for the crumbs of any tiny freedom.

My Thanksgiving ER nightmare and the coming apocalypse

From my first hand experience this vaccine is going to kill millions. Read what I’ve gone through and witnessed.

Ask yourself the tough questions being avoided.

Israel and Gibraltar are highly vaccinated and seeing what I’ve just witnessed in our own hospitals.

This is being suppressed by media. How far will the mental illness of the church of COVID go?

Save these links as social media is deleting my first hand experience as obviously they are part of this evil COVID cult themselves.

Here’s whistleblowers in Australia where they are actually locking down people in camps who haven’t received the jab that admittedly, by all government officials worldwide, have no effect on contracting the virus, transmission or survival but what they do refuse to tell you is how many contract the virus and die from the so called vaccine.

No vaccine in history requires your neighbors to be vaccinated to protect you from the vaccine.

Here’s just one of thousands of young women forced to take the jab who obituary says it all.

This new virus omicron is already being pitched by Pfizer as they will have a cure in 100 days.

No hell is bad enough for the genocide occurring right now by those who have an inexplicable blood thirst to destroy millions of lives.

It demonic influence that is causing these people to do and others to follow this Jim Jones Koolaid drinking cult.

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The COVID apocalypse has begun in the emergency rooms as written by a first hand witness.

Advertising for the breakthrough surge upon us.

Day 1 in emergency

In emergency with a small heart attack and was bounced out to waiting for an hour now due to COVID cases from being fully vaccinated are insane.

At least 20-30 people since I came in an hour ago near death. 3 triages setup in waiting room and another in the registration room, people in hallways. This is insane the staff is overwhelmed.

They just tried to intimidate me to take the shot, they know I’ve already had it and now have natural immunity and do not require it at all.

I let them know not to touch me with that as I’ve already had COVID then the doctor lied to me and said yes but, the new strains are far worse and I know that to be a complete and total lie.

MDH is running new numbers on their website. Go look for them. Over 7,000 breakthrough cases and based on what I’m seeing today that number, if reported properly, will be double that today if this emergency is indicative across the metro and way worse if this is our state.

This place is woodwinds, is an apocalypse today with fully vaccinated people as they are saying as they check in I heard was fully or first shot vaccinated.

The apocalypse has just begun IMO. I’ve only seen this level of illness in apocalypse movies many are in extremely terrible shape.

Later that evening

Beds being staged in hallways throughout the hospital

Day 2

Got me a room after 26 hours in ER. 🥴

Yuppers, it’s an apocalyptic view in ER.

A young kid what’s in convulsions, the ER has people staged in the halls all were eyes closed and in major hurt.

Spoke to a nurse here and they said it just started this week. We discussed at length the problem and many here are seeing this as I am.

Genocide it has only just begun.

Day 3

More tests today.

I’m here because of a heart problem I’ve had since I was a child. I get another surgery on the 14th but maybe tomorrow. All up in the air due to overwhelming needs of all kinds of health care issues many of which, are vaccine related.

The people that are in the emergency room have been vaccinated 1 and 2 times with terrible results. This is not a vaccine. You don’t take a vaccine then get ill from the same virus or get health issues from the vaccine that’s supposed to PREVENT illness and not CAUSE it.

After 26 hours in ER I now have a room. People are lined up in the hallways, a young girl (~10-12) in convulsions, others looking near death. This is like being in an apocalyptic movie.

The staff is saying it started a week ago and is running wild. Every bed in the metro is filled with vaccinated people being the overwhelming majority.

Some are looking to quit right now as they openly discuss this IS NOT NATURAL but the vaccine is causing it.

I’m just reporting what I’ve seen, lived and heard from patients and staff.

The genie is out of the bottle and there’s no putting him back in.

Just got informed they need my room and now I’m in the lobby of the heart floor.

Place is being overwhelmed with new patients. I was just told 14 people are on intubation. 15 rooms total but closer to 20+ including hallways.

Sign goes up. Looks like Physical Therapy is now 4 rooms plus me in the lobby, now 2 of us and more going into hallways.
Me getting my equipment setup
PT is being setup in my new room with my clothes on the floor in bags.

I just asked to go home and sit there. This is all surreal. 🤦‍♂️

Did anyone notice when you reorganize the letters it is MORONIC🙄

Minnesota, despite being 68% vaccinated is increasing breakthrough cases at an unprecedented rate far worse than if no one was ever infected.

Italy’s COVID death count revised down 97.1% due to fraud, bribery and corruption


Yep, I suspect U.S. data is incorrect as well. Definitely grossly overstated.

I remember watching this BS unfold thinking this is all a lie and look I was proven right. U.S. count probably well under 100,000.  The greed by Big Pharma and government over-reach is beyond belief. This should piss off everybody.

How many people have been murdered by the poison Jab?  


Italy’s suspected covid death tally corrected from 132,161 to 3,783… this is where covid hysteria began, and it was 97% FICTION

Wednesday, November 03, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson
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Image: Italy’s suspected covid death tally corrected from 132,161 to 3,783… this is where covid hysteria began, and it was 97% FICTION


(Natural News) A new report from Italy’s Higher Institute of Health provides an objective analysis of the nation’s misleading covid-19 death tally. Italy’s official covid death tally rose to 132,161 in October of 2021. This tally is unrealistic because covid-19 was diagnosed in haste and under conditions of financial bribery using non-specific diagnostic criteria. Covid-19 was often listed as the cause of death when it was merely “suspected” and when “it could not be ruled out.”

After careful review of the medical reports, it turns out that respiratory infections may have been a contributing factor but did not cause most of these covid-19 deaths outright. Various forms of medical malpractice, withheld treatment, inhumane isolation, undernourishment, and unethical standards of care are at the root of this worldwide medical crisis. The deaths are real, but the causes are skewed.

New medical analysis reduces Italy’s covid-19 death tally by 97.1%

A new analysis reduced Italy’s covid-19 death tally by 97.1 percent and provided a more accurate picture as to why these people died in the hospital. Only 3,783 cases could be directly correlated with a covid-19 diagnosis. Because the PCR test (that was designed to detect covid-19) was fraudulently-calibrated from the start, even these 3,783 cases of covid-19 are suspect. Symptoms of respiratory infection could have been the result of any number of infections that kill people every year, whether that be influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia or countless other lower and upper respiratory tract infections. Viral infections do not have the same effect on one person to the next due to several underlying factors including the cellular and microbiome terrain, so it is extremely difficult to accurately diagnose a specific respiratory infection and quantify viral load.

According to this new analysis, only 2.9% of the deaths registered since the end of February 2020 have been caused by the novel SARS coronavirus that has never been isolated from humans and replicated in human tissue samples. The annual respiratory infections, antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, medical errors and other acute medical emergencies that usually cause overcrowding in hospitals were used as propaganda to terrorize and defraud the world into perpetual lock down.

The covid-19 death tally included Italians who suffered from one to five underlying chronic diseases; many were on immune suppressant drugs, and a certain percentage died from medical emergencies that are totally unrelated to covid-19. A total of 67.7% suffered from more than three chronic diseases that had not been resolved through modern medicine. Italians who were already suffering from chronic conditions went on to suffer further from ventilator-associated pneumonia and ventilator-associated lung damage.

One in ten of the deceased patients had a stroke; 65.8% of the Italians had arterial hypertension and were on immune-suppressant drugs; 15.7% suffered from heart failure; 28% had ischemic heart disease; and 24.8% suffered from atrial fibrillation. At least 17.4% already had sick lungs. Many (29.3% had diabetes and other metabolic ailments) that drastically impacted their immune response. There were several patients (16.3%) who were on their deathbed, struggling on immunosuppressant chemotherapy and radiation drugs known to make people susceptible to any respiratory infection. These cancer patients had been dealing with cancer for the past five years, with an average three-to-five-year chemotherapy survival rate coming to a close. Another 23.5% were struggling with dementia, their life coming to a close.

Unethical, inhumane practices have been implemented in medical systems worldwide

Ever since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a worldwide pandemic of SARS-CoV-2, medical systems around the world have handled hospitalized patients differently. Patients with any sort of respiratory symptom were isolated and separated from family members. “Out of an abundance of caution,” hospital systems made vague diagnoses, classifying anyone “suspected of covid” as an official case of SARS-CoV-2. These patients were viewed as highly contagious vectors of disease that should be isolated and put on mechanical ventilation. Efficacious treatments were bypassed. People dying on ventilators were classified as covid deaths “when covid-19 could not be ruled out as the primary cause of their death.”

As terror and fear were propagated across the media, hospital systems put non-urgent, elective procedures on hold, suspending routine outpatient services that left many chronic patients without adequate medical care. Industrialized nations like Italy did not implement at-home treatment plans and did not distribute nutraceuticals and prophylactics to help control respiratory disease in the population. This caused populations to be dependent on an already overcrowded system that is not set up to deal with panic, ignorance and helplessness.

As nations continue to put all their stock in retrovirus-contaminated influenza vaccines and experimental gene interference coronavirus vaccines, people continue to suffer and die, even as countless anti-viral, bronco-dilating, anti-inflammatory immune therapies exist.

Minnesota Department of Health confirms 483 deaths after being FULLY VACCINATED and over 64,000 infections after being fully vaccinated.

What’s really going on here.

Why can some people ‘see’ uncomfortable things while others can’t?👇🏻

🙈 Wilful Blindness (also known as the Ostrich Effect): Our minds won’t let us acknowledge something if it will cause psychological pain. So we ignore it, say it doesn’t matter, rationalise excuses, etc.

🍼 Regression (and fear of freedom). Freedom comes with risk and responsibility. Most crave a return to the submissive comfort of childhood, where adults took care of everything. They want the state to take care of them.

🏛 System Justification: We cannot imagine that the system we grew up in and benefited from could do us harm. We assume it always has our best interests at heart.

💀 Terror Management: Thinking about death (or the idea that our psychological construction of reality might go extinct) causes us to ‘close up’ psychologically and become intolerant of other ideas.

🐑 Conformity: We assume the crowd must know what it’s doing, and we are terrified of being ostracised, since this meant death in evolutionary terms.

💥 Cognitive Dissonance: When something doesn’t match our expectations of the world, it causes uncomfortable psychological tension, which we seek to minimise through defence mechanisms like denial.

💙 In-Group Bias: Being social animals, we tend to reject information if it clashes with our group identity (“it must be wrong if the other side said it”). In fact, it can just make us even more polarised.

😴 Cognitive Misers: We simply don’t have the time nor the energy to process a lot of new, complex information or change thinking habits.

⛓ Learned Helplessness: If we have learned / feel that we are powerless, we don’t even bother to try challenging the status quo. We just become passive and accepting.

👮🏻‍♀️Authority: We assume that those with credentials or in positions of authority must know what they are doing, so we trust them implicitly and follow their instructions.

Credit: Patrick Fagan

And now, they begin pointing fingers saying ‘see them, they did it’.

The insanity has just begun

US Cancels Contract With Major COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturer

Message to those who are post “you’re an asshole for not being vaccinated” etc from a lady whose life has been ruined by the experimental covid vaccine.SHARE this far and wide🇺🇸Join Us👉

A scientist, bragging about getting her 3 children vaccinated and it turns out terrible then, Twitter accounts starts blocking her once she started publishing the results

Graphene oxide is now being put into cosmetic items, hand sanitizers and more.

‼️Graphene Oxide has now been confirmed to be found in vax vials, in masks, in swabs and now in hand sanitiser! They want to drown us in graphene oxide!

What on earth is the pupose of this highly conductive material to be present in all aspects of this scamdemic?!!! I dare not think of the answer…



‘Stop unlimited power grab!’ Huge crowd protests in Melbourne against vaccine mandates & sweeping pandemic powers bill (VIDEO)

A large group of demonstrators gathered around the state parliament in Victoria, Australia to demand an end to a recently imposed vaccine mandate and protest a draft pandemic bill that would grant draconian powers to officials.

Photos and videos circulating on social media show a vast crowd outside Parliament House in Melbourne, the state capital, on Saturday, where activists were seen holding signs and placards – one reading “Sack Dan,” referring to state Premier Daniel Andrews.

France is protesting in 10 cities. WE MUST RESIST!


ℹ️ The footage is from the following cities and is in order:

Paris (1)

Colmar (2)

Thonon les bains (3)

Reims (4)

Orléans (5)

Brive-la-Gaillarde (6)

Saint Brieu (7)

Angers (8)

St Étienne (9)

Avignon (10)

Banks have a new scheme to limit your credit card usage and giving you a carbon credit deduction by each purchase resulting in a freeze on your usage if you exceed that limit 🤦‍♂️

Imagine, going on national TV on a fake stage and getting the jab with the nurses ass suddenly being thrust in from of the camera to avoid looking at the syringe.

Fake White House set, fake syringe?

13 children dead from Covid vax in South Africa. Liberals silent until they laugh.

CriMinals are running the world governments & corporations now. In the end, it boils down to we the people against those who work for these criminals.

13 Kids Have Did From Covid-19 Vaccines In A School In South Africa And No News Media Coverage, Just Instagram Posts That Keep Getting Deleted By Big Tech.

Another vax job the liberals love. “Second jab on Monday, by Tuesday he was in the hospital, by Wednesday he was admitted to the Cardiac wing, where he still is now. I don’t know when he’ll come home.”

The Surpise Speaker at the TP Double Down in Las Vegas was …JIM CAVIEZEL!!An amazing speech of his own & combining Regan’s 60 speech with Mel Gibson in Bravehart!His final words: “Evil is powerless when good men are unafraid!”