My Thanksgiving ER nightmare and the coming apocalypse

From my first hand experience this vaccine is going to kill millions. Read what I’ve gone through and witnessed.

Ask yourself the tough questions being avoided.

Israel and Gibraltar are highly vaccinated and seeing what I’ve just witnessed in our own hospitals.

This is being suppressed by media. How far will the mental illness of the church of COVID go?

Save these links as social media is deleting my first hand experience as obviously they are part of this evil COVID cult themselves.

Here’s whistleblowers in Australia where they are actually locking down people in camps who haven’t received the jab that admittedly, by all government officials worldwide, have no effect on contracting the virus, transmission or survival but what they do refuse to tell you is how many contract the virus and die from the so called vaccine.

No vaccine in history requires your neighbors to be vaccinated to protect you from the vaccine.

Here’s just one of thousands of young women forced to take the jab who obituary says it all.

This new virus omicron is already being pitched by Pfizer as they will have a cure in 100 days.

No hell is bad enough for the genocide occurring right now by those who have an inexplicable blood thirst to destroy millions of lives.

It demonic influence that is causing these people to do and others to follow this Jim Jones Koolaid drinking cult.

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