Nations Obituary

January 20th 2021

Today we mourn the death of America as this is the day America died.

We should play American Pie and sing along because today, is the last day of America we wept for over the deaths of our beloved musicians that cold winters day, so many years ago.

We all know, whether or not we want to admit it, our democracy is gone and those who put her in the grave are gleefully dancing on the grave.

Those of you true patriots know what I’m saying but alas, many of you were busy buying more guns and ammo, clutching your Bible, cowering in your basement and waiting for the military to take away your extensive gun collection as you promise to kill them all as they laugh at your ignorance and drop a bomb while you are praying to God to do what you were unwilling to take responsibility for.

You wonder why God didn’t answer your prayers? No worries, he quit listening to your whining pathetic ass and paid more attention to those willing to do more than pray, like actually, DO SOMETHING!

To those politicians that call yourself a republican. Keep the name and proudly proclaim you are king of the ashes you’ve made the party.

I, for one of countless people today, have left your grand old party. It’s all yours now. Have a nice day and welcome to your new master Xi as we all know who’s really in charge now.

Please remove me from your campaign lists and forget ever seeing a dime from me from here forward.

I’ll not donate my time or effort to a consortium of frauds that seek approval from man, especially those you seek to please, your communist masters.

I’ll not vote anymore because even you, like how corrupt the system is and providing everyone the illusion you actually care as tears of joy fall from the incredible donations come in from the basement huddled self proclaimed patriots.

Your reply to my comments is ‘well you’re just going to allow the democrats to win’!

Actually no, I was a poll watcher, I saw what happened, I reported it..repeatedly and I know the party is a complaisant partner in the fraud as no one ever replied.

Welcome to the new communist nation of NewChina. I hope you get everything you DESERVE!

Mark Miles

Edit 09-25-2021 – I’m back for ONE last HUGE effort to reinvigorate the MNGOP then unite and lead this party to ultimate victory.

No half measures, no excuses, we MUST TAKE OUR STATE AND OUR NATION BACK!

I want everyone to listen to this classic rant all the way through. If we republicans don’t start to think and yes, even act like this we have lost our nation.


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