CERN do you really know what it is?

Dr. Roger Hodkinson does not mince words “When that penny starts to drop, the general public are going to be revolted!”Watch and share.

I consider this a must watch.Totally ignored by the media, the Office of National Statistics in the UK recently published statistics showing that since the beginning of the pandemic a total of 17,371 people in the UK have died solely of covid through the end of last September.The government statistics show that through that time 137,000 had died of covid. That includes comorbidities. (In the USA the average covid death includes four comorbidities). (Only 12% of the government number actually died of Covid)The average age of death given by the ONS is 82.5 which is actually higher than the current UK life expectancy.Meanwhile a leading cancer specialist thinks that 50,000 cancer deaths have occured in the UK alone because of lack of diagnosis and treatment.Excess deaths in the UK are about 127,00 since the beginning of the pandemic.There are currently 6 million people in the UK on the National Health waiting list.How many of those will die because of lack of diagnosis and early treatment?The first rule in medicine is meant to be “do no harm”.How many of those excess deaths are because of the lockdowns?What unknown harms have we inflicted on ourselves?

Absolutely no test for COVID. It’s all a lie. Read the link and look at the bottom of my test where I’m positive but, could be bacterial 🤦‍♂️ which it was pneumonia and not COVID but they would have tried to kill me with the treatments and get paid 75-100k to murder me.

You are your own advocate!

KiWi tests positive for COVID live.

When it came to the Covid vaccines, the medical authorities have displayed an astonishing level of tolerance for side effects and collateral damage. So much so that they were even willing to let some children die unnecessarily for the sake of their vaccine agenda.”It is pointless keeping giving more and more vaccines to people who are not going to get very ill. We should just let them get ill and deal with that.”

Beware of the payment structure offered to the ER for COVID test, bonus for diagnosis of COVID, bonus for hospitalization which also comes with waving your patient rights, bonus for ventilator or intubator, bonus for dying of COVID on death certificate, bonus for coroner to go along with it.

Myself, I had pneumonia but they tested me positive for COVID but read the bottom of the test. I DEMANDED Zpac for my pneumonia which I already knew what it was because I get it a lot. Be your own advocate or they will kill you to get 75-100k for the steps above

Ray Epps; A capital instigator and FBI informant/under cover agent has gone missing from the FBI’s most wanted after he was identified in these videos by many people.

The FBI continues to hold, without charges, 100% of the people who are incarcerated at this moment.

The FBI and CIA are the SS for the liberals.

While the demonRATS scream insurrection about Jan 6th of which they and the FBI, CIA, Capital Police and many liberal legislators encouraged using undercover agents that were caught and then lied as they murdered an unarmed Ashli Babbitt here’s a great video to show all those liberals claiming the high ground.


Remember the swine flu epidemic? Remember the media hype? Watch this 60 minutes episode and share everywhere. These are liberals saying DON’T DO THE JAB

CEREBRAL SHORTCIRCUIT!!! WTF!!!During a demonstration against the Israeli government. One of the protesters starts screaming, blowing smoke from his eyes, mouth, nose and ears. His brain burned from the inside out.The startled protesters try to put out the fire, which came from inside the zombified man’s head, with a jacket and a bottle of water. It looks like exothermic self-combustion, coming from the inside out.There is another video going around, in which two men also blow smoke from inside their heads.It appears that something inside their heads shorted out, perhaps caused by microwaves or 5G electromagnetic radiation.What is known is that people who have received the death “vaccine” are subject to internal catastrophes caused by the interaction of electromagnetic waves and heavy metals, graphene, etc.Video Source@TheWarriors300

This video rips the bandaid off the bs vaccines through out history. Did you know that polio was virtually wiped out a decade before the vaccine from what, proper sanitation!

Skip to 14 minutes to view this report that is very well done.

Minnesota gives non-white patients preferential access to life-saving COVID treatmentMinnesota hospitals are giving non-white patients preferential access to monoclonal antibodies at the direction of the state.

Minnesota says healthcare providers should provide non-white patients with preferential access to monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). This isn’t a conspiracy theory; it’s written in a state document and apparently upheld by local hospitals.

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) says in a document titled “Ethical Framework for Allocation of Monoclonal Antibodies during the COVID-19 Pandemic” that “race and ethnicity alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for mAbs [monoclonal antibodies].”

Monoclonal antibodies “are made in a laboratory and act a lot like the natural antibodies that a person’s body makes to fight diseases,” per MDH. Thus far, they have been used to both to treatactive COVID cases and to help prevent healthy people from becoming infected. The antibodies have shown so much promise, in fact, that national supplies are running low amid surging demand, resulting in some patients being deniedthe treatment.

Minnesota’s solution is to ration mAbs based on various health factors, each assigned a different score. The maximum number of points a patient can amass is 24. Antibodies will be distributed based on these scores (highest numbers receiving treatment first) where supplies run low.

Here are the factors and their associated values:

  • Being BIPOC (2 points)
  • Age 65+ (2 points)
  • BMI 35 kg/m2 and higher (2 points)
  • Diabetes mellitus (2 points)
  • Chronic kidney disease (3 points)
  • Heart disease in patients ages 55+ (2 points)
  • Chronic respiratory disease in patients ages 55+ (3 points)
  • Hypertension in patients age 55+ (1 point)
  • Immunocompromised (3 points)
  • Pregnancy (4 points)

Based on this scoring metric, if two pregnant women, one black and the other white, visited a hospital with limited mAbs supplies, the black woman would receive priority because her score would be six, but the white woman’s score would only be four.

This isn’t a theoretical model either; it’s apparently being used in Minnesota hospitals.

HealthPartners controls hospitals and clinics across the state and is responsible for serving 1.2 million patients per year. Alpha News obtained an email that appears to show the company directing its employees to use the scoring system, racial element included, to decide who gets mAbs treatment during shortages.

“This [system] does not mean people at lower risk will be excluded from treatment if adequate capacity exists. However, it does mean that people at higher risk will be prioritized for available appointments,” the email explains.

Health Partners email

Alpha News reached out to HealthPartners but received no response. This point system was devised by the Mayo Clinic, according to the MDH document.

The state claims this policy is designed “to promote equity in access and address health disparities.”

URGENT ALERT TO ALL PARENTS: Dr. Robert Malone issues statement on child Covid injections — Damage will be ‘irreversible’

Mercola: Understanding the Psychology Behind the COVID Pandemic

In the video, Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology,1 reviews a theory professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist and statistician, believes explains the absurd and irrational behavior we’re now seeing worldwide with regard to the COVID pandemic and its countermeasures. He calls this phenomenon “mass formation psychosis,” a type of crowd hypnosis that results in literally converting a large segment of the population into psychosis. Mass formation psychosis is the explanation for how the Germans accepted the atrocities by the Nazi party in the 1930s, and it’s the explanation for why so many around the world support medical apartheid and the destruction of the unvaccinated now. It’s so irrational and inhumane, many have wondered how we got here. As it turns out, the psychology of totalitarianism has been studied for decades, and the whole thing is in fact explainable as a psychiatric phenomenon that arises when certain conditions exist in a society. […] The four central conditions that need to exist in order for mass formation psychosis to take root are: . . .Watch the 13 minute video

LISTEN: Congressman Thomas Massie Records Phone Call With CDC Scientist Acknowledging False Information”Their basic assumption is that Americans are stupid and they are the science…The government’s response to COVID is a series of noble lies.”

CDC admits lying and that they count on the public being stupid.

Mark Twain said ‘it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled’.Parents that missed the opportunity to abort their child are getting the second chance with the Jab.

Personally, where’s the GD Meteor? This MUST END its like a really bad twilight zone episode and I can’t wake up.

U.S. ARMY DOCTOR LT. COLONEL WHISTLEBLOWER—SOUNDS ALARM ON CLOTSHOT! ***If her testimony isn’t shared, it will be like a tree falling in the forest. You know what to do.

Everywhere you look you see failing narratives. On the Covid front, they are telling people to get the boosters. They have gotten two shots already and they are getting Covid. Another study out of Israel this week says natural immunity is better than injections. Another study out of Harvard a few weeks ago says the same thing. Now, the CDC is admitting that 80% of the Omicron cases are with the “Fully Vaxed.” 33% of those cases are with people vaxed and boostered. YouTube just censored a video from Joe Rogan with cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough warning about how the Deep State is stopping treatments like Ivermectin that work. The censorship from YouTube has now become part of the failing narrative and is a big story in and of itself.The entire narrative is falling apart, and Joe Biden keeps losing in court for his precious mandates for experimental vaccines for everyone. In pro sports, the NFL is fighting new Covid cases by the dozens, and the organization is at least 95% vaxed. Their answer to the Covid problem they cannot hide? More shots are required, and that means getting a booster and more of what does not work. There are also many new videos of soccer players falling to the ground and grabbing their chests. They are all vaxed up and having public heart problems while playing a game. There is nothing to see here. It’s all just a coincidence as some of the mainstream media tries to explain away why young people in the prime of physical condition are having heart problems after being vaxed.On the financial front, the temporary or “transitory” inflation has changed to “persistent,” according to Fed Head Jay Powell. He says he’s going to fight inflation and, yet, passes on raising rates off the near 0% mark this week. His anti-inflation narrative is failing too, and that means much more inflation is on the way. Either way, many are going to end up poor.Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.17.21.

Understanding the Psychology Behind the COVID Pandemic

  • A psychological condition of society known as “mass formation psychosis” is a condition for totalitarianism. Under mass formation psychosis, a population enters a hypnotic-type trance that makes them willing to sacrifice anything, including their lives and their freedom. That’s what’s happening right now
  • There are four key conditions that must be in place for mass formation psychosis to occur: Lack of societal bonding, experiencing life as meaningless and senseless, widespread free-floating anxiety/free-floating discontent, and free-floating frustration/aggression
  • Once these four conditions are widespread, mass formation can occur, which allows for totalitarianism to rise and thrive
  • A key strategy to break mass formation and prevent totalitarianism is to speak out against it. We also need to give those hypnotized a greater fear to replace the fear of the virus with, namely the fear of totalitarianism and the loss of their and their children’s lives, livelihoods and freedoms that go along with it
  • Dissenters need to join together, thereby giving fence-sitters who are not yet fully hypnotized an alternative to going along with the totalitarians

In the video above, Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology,1 reviews a theory professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist and statistician, believes explains the absurd and irrational behavior we’re now seeing worldwide with regard to the COVID pandemic and its countermeasures.

He calls this phenomenon “mass formation psychosis,” a type of crowd hypnosis that results in literally converting a large segment of the population into psychosis. Mass formation psychosis is the explanation for how the Germans accepted the atrocities by the Nazi party in the 1930s, and it’s the explanation for why so many around the world support medical apartheid and the destruction of the unvaccinated now.

It’s so irrational and inhumane, many have wondered how we got here. As it turns out, the psychology of totalitarianism has been studied for decades, and the whole thing is in fact explainable as a psychiatric phenomenon that arises when certain conditions exist in a society.

The Four Base Conditions for ‘Mass Formation’

The four central conditions that need to exist in order for mass formation psychosis to take root are:

1.Lack of social bonding — Social isolation was a widespread problem long before the pandemic. In one survey, 25% of respondents said they didn’t have a single close friend. The COVID lockdowns also contributed and worsened already existing isolation. We were all told that any contact with others, including members of our own family, could be a death sentence.

2.Seeing life as meaningless, purposelessness and senseless, and/or being faced with persistent circumstances that don’t make rational sense — Desmet cites research showing that half of all adults feel their jobs are completely meaningless, providing no value to either themselves or others.

In another poll, done in 2012, 63% of respondents said they were “sleepwalking” through their workdays, putting no passion into their work whatsoever. So, condition No. 2 for mass formation hypnosis was also fulfilled, even before the pandemic hit.

Events that occurred in late 2019 and early 2020, such as the many questions surrounding the presidential election and the initial COVID lockdowns, added fuel to the widespread confusion and uncertainty, resulting in the next condition: free-floating anxiety.

3.Widespread free-floating anxiety and free-floating discontent — Free-floating anxiety refers to anxiety that has no apparent or distinct cause. Judging by the popularity of antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, condition No. 3 was also fulfilled long before the pandemic, but additional fuel was piled on just before the pandemic.

Many felt, and still feel, that “things just aren’t right.” Through 2020, it became increasingly apparent to many that most if not all of the systems we depend on are broken, and likely broken beyond repair, including our medical system, our voting system and our judicial system.

4.Widespread free-floating frustration and aggression — This tends to naturally follow the previous three. Here, again, the frustration and aggression have no discernible cause.

How Mass Formation Allows Totalitarianism to Rise

When these four conditions are fulfilled by a large enough portion of society, they are ripe for the picking to convert to a psychosis, being totally out of touch with reality, which in turn leads to the rise of totalitarianism. As explained by Malone, when the pandemic broke out, people around the world became obsessed with one thing: the virus.

People everywhere thought about, read about and talked about the virus almost exclusively to everything else. This singular focus, this obsession, having the base conditions for mass formation already firmly in place, allowed for large portions of the population to enter into a hypnotic-like state.

In that hypnotic-like state (it’s very similar to conventional hypnotism but with minor differences), people lose their ability to have rational thought and judgment.

As noted by Malone, there is evidence that suggests at least parts of this psychological operation were done intentionally, by “some entity that has financial benefit or power to gain from doing this, which gets to the point of global totalitarianism.” Now, once a large portion of a society is hyper-focused on and fused in their joint discontent and anxiety, all a leader or leaders need to do to convince many that totalitarian control and loss of their freedom is best for them is to:

a)Present a story in which the cause of the anxiety is identified, and then

b)Offer a strategy for neutralizing that cause

Social Bonding Is Key

By accepting and participating in whatever that strategy is, people with free-floating anxiety feel equipped with the means to control their anxiety and avoid panic. They also feel a strong bond with others, because they’ve all identified the same nemesis. As explained by Desmet in the Peak Prosperity interview below:

“Because many people participate in the same strategy to deal with the object of anxiety, a new kind of social bond emerges a new kind of solidarity. So, people feel connected again in a new way. And that’s actually the most crucial thing.

If you look at the corona crisis and listen to the mainstream narrative, you will hear that everything is about solidarity. You have to participate, you have to accept the vaccine. You have to respect social distancing, because if you don’t, you lack citizenship, you show no solidarity. That’s the most crucial thing, always, in mass formation.

That’s the real reason why people buy into the story, even if it is utterly absurd. It’s not because they believe in the narrative. It is because the narrative leads to a new social bond. That’s the real reason.

There’s [also another] advantage. All the frustration and aggression can be directed at an object. And that object is the people who, for one reason or another, do not want to participate in the mass formation …

So, you have this very strange situation where people start from a very negative and divisive mental state; [they have a] lack of social bond, lack of meaning-making, free floating anxiety and a lot of frustration and aggression.

They switch from this very highly aversive mental state to a symptomatic positive state where they feel connected. Their life makes sense again through this heroic struggle with the object of anxiety … That’s why people continue to believe in the narrative, even if it is utterly absurd.”

Mass Formation Psychosis Is a Self-Destructive Condition

The crazy thing is that the story can be an obvious lie, yet those under this hypnotic spell will believe it. The remedy can be utterly absurd, yet they’ll obey. This is how totalitarianism is allowed to rise.

Of course, there must always be a common enemy that must be obliterated — the “cause” for the peoples’ fear and anxiety — and under totalitarian rule, that enemy is anyone who is not spellbound. The dissenters are the enemy. In 2021, the unmasked and unvaccinated are the enemy.

Mass formation psychosis is a very dangerous condition, both for those under its spell and those who aren’t, because the ‘mental intoxication’ that results makes people willing to do things that are clearly wrong and utterly immoral, up to and including voluntarily killing their own families and themselves, if told it’s for the greater good.

If everyone would just get the experimental jab, COVID would vanish and everyone could go back to feeling safe again. That’s the narrative. It makes no sense, it’s irrational, inhumane and unscientific, but those who are in mass formation psychosis believe it’s just that simple, and that’s why some are able to wish death on the unmasked and/or unvaccinated.

So, as noted by Malone, “If it seems to you that the rest of the world has gone mad, the truth is, they have.” A problem far greater than any virus now is mass formation itself.

It’s a very dangerous condition, both for those under its spell and those who aren’t, because the “mental intoxication” that results makes people willing to do things that are clearly wrong and utterly immoral, up to and including voluntarily killing their own families and themselves, if told it’s for the greater good. In short, masses of people become profoundly gullible and self-destructive, which is a frightening combination.

As noted by Desmet, in a dictatorship, people comply because they fear the dictator. In a totalitarian regime, however, mass formation psychosis is at work, and this gives the regime extreme power over the individual, as the people, when in this hypnotic trance, voluntarily destroy their own families, their lives and themselves, along with the stated enemy.

Is Totalitarianism Unavoidable?

Malone says that in his conversations with Desmet, Desmet has said he believes the mass formation psychosis is so widespread at this point that global totalitarianism may be unavoidable. He believes it’ll take over, as we’re seeing in a number of countries already. So, what, if anything, can we do? A summary of suggestions are as follows:

•Continue providing true and accurate information to counter the false narrative. Some who aren’t yet fully hypnotized may still be routed back to sanity. Speaking out can also help to limit the atrocities the totalitarian regime is emboldened to implement, because in totalitarianism, atrocities and crimes against humanity increase as dissent decreases.

•Substitute fear of the virus narratives with narratives that highlight an even greater fear — fear of totalitarianism. “Totalitarianism is a bigger boogeyman than the virus is,” Malone says. “Losing control to Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, BlackRock and Vanguard is a bigger threat than SARS-CoV-2 is for you and your children, by far.”

Desmet has tested this theory, and found you CAN break the hypnotic focus on COVID if you’re able to refocus their attention on something that’s of even greater concern to them.

•Join with other dissenters into larger groups. This gives the larger majority who aren’t fully hypnotized but too fearful to go against the grain an alternative to going along with the totalitarians.

•Build parallel structures within your local communities. Think globally, act locally. Start developing parallel structures to heal the four underlying conditions that allowed mass formation to occur in the first place.

A parallel structure is any kind of business, organization, technology, movement or creative pursuit that fits within a totalitarian society while being morally outside of it. Once enough parallel structures are created, a parallel culture is born that functions as a sanctuary of sanity within the totalitarian world.

The Gravity of Our Situation

To hear from Desmet himself, listen to his hour-long interview with Dr. Chris Martenson. As noted by Desmet, since self-destructiveness is built into the totalitarian system from the ground up, totalitarian regimes cannot be sustained forever. They fall apart as they’re destroyed from within. That’s the good news.

The bad news is it can be hell while it lasts, as totalitarianism built on mass formation almost always leads to heinous atrocities being committed in the name of doing good. There are usually few survivors at the end.

That said, Desmet believes this new global totalitarianism is more unstable than regional dictator-led totalitarian systems, so it may self-destruct faster. He has just finished writing a book, “The Psychology of Totalitarianism,” which is expected to be published in January 2022. Sources and References Previous ArticleUnique Glucosinolates Found in MoringaNext Article Why Is This Carcinogen in Hand Sanitizers?Hide Comments (106)Post your comment

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 californiawomanJoined On 05/05/2010Add as Friend Send MessageI think everyone is missing the boat.  This “mass psychosis” is a spiritual problem.  It won’t disappear until people turn to God who has been ignored in the world today. Hopefully it won’t be too late. see (Bible)Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike arthurrieloutlook.comJoined On 01/05/2021Add as Friend Send Messagecaliforniawoman, Believing in metaphysically impossible supernatural entities (gods, souls, spirits), and that special kinds of verbal utterances (prayers) have causal efficacy are two of many expressions of delusional psychosis. It’s too bad that time machines don’t exist. You and mirandola could transport yourselves to the Middle Ages where you and your factually baseless beliefs would be right at home.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike davidleJoined On 05/07/2011Add as Friend Send MessageagreedMark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageNo matter what any naysayer says; you are absolutely right. This is a spiritual war! All any truly “awake” person needs to do, is look at ANY music video from about the last decade…100% Luciferian! If I have to explain…Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike forbiddenhealingJoined On 02/21/2011Add as Friend Send MessageI see the “spiritual” problem being the incredible invisible adolescent EGO, the construct based on separateness, fear, selfishness, greed and death consciousness…You can’t simply walk away from it, but you can command it and rise into the “heavenly” realms of higher consciousness…where connectedness, fearlessness, compassion and unconditional love reside. The transcendent enlightenment of by the prophets, unfortunately turned into another fear-based business. The way out of this trap is mindfullness and the monitoring of one’s thoughts, words and attitudes…so skillfully defended against by propagandists and clever psy-ops lest the masses awake to their utter captivity.  The New Year is a great time to be the creator of one’s world between his ears, reboot that corrupted computer and become hu-man be-ings again.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike dad2boys9600Joined On 09/08/2010Add as Friend Send MessageCaliforniawoman…I agree with you. Unfortunately, you/we will experience the same criticism and ridicule for our religious beliefs, as with the atrocities taking place right now. It took me many years to come to grips with the concept that NOTHING cannot create anything. There are only two options for our existence…1. nothing created everything or 2. Something created everything. It took science until the mid 1900’s to figure out there was a beginning…Very similar the  “top scientist “ of today denying the truth.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike FourcausesJoined On 01/23/2021Add as Friend Send MessageIf it is a is a “spiritual problem,” then the solution could be to simply slow things down.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageWell; It didn’t take as long as I thought it would; although, I’m still expecting a “January Surprise”!Below; is why I check out the Bought and Paid For media, everyday! Anyone who can’t see the obvious psyops, fear mongering, divide and conquer, etc. are already too oblivious to recover!“We are going to be living with this virus for a long time so we want to give the best protection, the strongest protection and the longest lasting protection,” said Henry. “So preserving that (six-month) interval between dose two and a booster dose gives us stronger, better protection for longer and it will get us through not just this variant but for the next variant.”I’ve said from the beginning, that this tyranny will never end. This is just the beginning!“This virus will find you. You are more at risk of serious illness and hospitalization,” she said. “Now is the time to get vaccinated.”Exactly how, will this “deadly” virus find me? I haven’t been able to find it – in two years! as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 mirandolaJoined On 06/27/2014Add as Friend Send MessageWillingly destroying their own family members? Oh come on, that is going way too far. It is not as crazy as all that. Yes the vaccine may kill or medically maim some people and/or their kids, but they will not have done that on purpose. It would have been from lack of research and foresight, but not the desire to kill and hurt their own. I don’t see that happening. I do see a certain amount of disdain for unvaccinated people and not understanding what their reasons are for refusing it. But I don’t see outright attacks. I do see fear that has been coached, resulting in a certain amount of distance and disdain,  yes.I also see people who are waking up. “It’s so ridiculous, mask on, mask off…again! Oh the omicron virus, I think they are going to run out of Greek letters and they are going to have to come up with names like Zeta two etc” said a retailer in the store. “I knew all along that it was a fraud, it’s all about dying from the coronavirus right now” said someone else who worked at a store. People are not as stupid as everybody thinks, and any psychologist who thinks that people will willingly murder their own kind is himself a bit distorted in his world view. My two honest cents. Sorry if this offends. It makes me mad, because this article will only needlessly intimidate and that is not a good thing to do.As for the perpetrators who force people at (virtual) gunpoint to take the vax whether it does them harm or even kills them, a dear friend who is very insightful, said that only those people who do not recognize spirit are capable of being violent with others. They don’t see spirit in life, and have no concept of it. They are living a void. Evil is “live” spelled backward, said a minister friend. The real life is the life of the spirit. In the spirit of recognition of others as spiritual beings in a physical body, we have laws, we are unable to do certain things. We have to pray for the soul-dead to wake up. That’s the real problem, and the real solution.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike CasimceaJoined On 06/06/2020Add as Friend Send Message“Willingly destroying their own family members?” Conditioned to do it. End result is the same.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike SpiceOddityJoined On 07/28/2021Add as Friend Send MessageMirandola, he said “voluntarily” killing their own families, not “knowingly” doing so. The people are obeying willingly because they know not what they do.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike katndogncoJoined On 01/01/2011Add as Friend Send MessagePeople kill them selves and their own family daily by way of Death by a thousand cuts: addiction, neglect, abuse, malnutrition, absenteeism, abortion, poor medical care, etc all leading towards literal death and divorce.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike stoneharborJoined On 06/30/2008Add as Friend Send MessageMirandola, good clear thinking as usual. Thank you for daring to step outside the box and take a fresh look and give your opinion. That’s what discussions are supposed to be about if we are seeking truth and trying to give solace to the disturbed souls around us. Keep up the great advice.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike MoMac46Joined On 03/08/2021Add as Friend Send MessageTruly Mirandola – we are spirit in a physical body this earth is where we learn. They know not what they do and the karma they are building for themselves. I am grateful for you insights.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike nomajohnsJoined On 06/20/2006Add as Friend Send Messagemirandola, I agree with your comment about “willingly destroying their own family members”. That is so absurd! How could that happen? I have always trusted Dr. Mercola, but this notion is crazy. Later: OK, so now I have read some of the other comments here and they explain how that could happen……willingly but not KNOWINGLY. That makes sense to me.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike ham4373Joined On 08/30/2013Add as Friend Send MessageAre you not aware that the army in Northern Territories, Australia, is already carting covid cases off to camps?  Not only positive cases, but all those whom they have been in contact with, regardless of test status.  No-one is standing up to these draconian measures, everyone has fallen under the spell of doing whatever will serve ‘the greater good.’  Canada also has such camps, at present only used for refugees but I wonder for how much longer. In UK we are being fed the mantra that the young must sacrifice themselves (i.e. risk taking the vaccine) in order to protect their grandparents.  How utterly outrageous that young people should ever feel compelled to sacrifice themselves for older generations.  There are plenty of families now torn apart over this issue, and so many who refuse to see relatives if they are unvaccinated.  The media call daily for the unvaccinated to be punished.  It is but a small step to implement a final solution on this sector of society, and the rest of them will nod their head, acknowledging that it was sad, but needed to be done.  This is not far fetched at all.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike ina24275Joined On 12/31/2013Add as Friend Send MessageIn Nazi-Germany children reported their own parents to the GESTAPO for listening to the BBC radio. The parents were arrested, never to be seen again and the kids knew that would happen. British Broadcasting was against Hitler , same as people now being against the vaccine.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageMirandola; actually, it IS as crazy as all that! Never underestimate the power of evil!Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike juststeveJoined On 01/05/2012Add as Friend Send MessageBless them Father for they know not what they do…something somebody said.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike davidleJoined On 05/07/2011Add as Friend Send MessageIn other words; we need a Holy Spirit led revival.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike JuQuDCJoined On 07/10/2020Add as Friend Send MessageMirandola, I wish I had your glasses through which to see our current situation. Willingly kill? Well, we don’t know what effect our deeds and words have on others. Do we? I am unjabbed and live in an affluent, D voting area. Is socialization important? I believe so. Yet, several of my good  “ friends” have cut me off completely. One I have known for 67 years and am even her power of attorney. Just disinvited from several Christmas events because of Omicron and my “status”. My spouse and another friend have been steadfast throughout and I am doing fine. I do read, however, about upticks in substance abuse, suicide, etc. And, we don’t know to what degree our deeds and words contribute to the despair of another.We must be careful and caring. I want to see things as you say you do but am regularly challenged to do so. As for willingly killing, when we don’t take care of what we say and do to others we are contributing to all kinds of grief. The president recently said that I am likely to die this winter. I find that statement ridiculous but in another set of circumstances it could significantly contribute to despair. I was getting a hair cut this week. The woman in the next chair( morbidly obese) said very loudly, “ I probably shouldn’t say this but I hope the unvaccinated get what they deserve…death”. Folks changing? Not so much where I am.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike MDS_203Joined On 01/18/2007Add as Friend Send MessageHalf my family members no longer speak to me, or acknowledge my existence, for having different opinions.  I’m “dead” to them.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike 0311BostonJoined On 05/23/2014Add as Friend Send MessageMirandola, While I would agree with the latter part of your argument, the hope that the better angels of our nature prevail;  but you evidently have not seen the level of fear/panic/aggression that is out there. Last summer I was out canvassing for a political candidate here in conservative NH and saw this phenomena in a tiny minority — it was not widespread, but what Desmet presents is a quite plausible direction our society might take. You mention spirits;  really, talking to some of these people was felt like confronting the spirit of Satan — totally irrational/wild-eyed anger/panic — it was like entering an insane asylum, not the sedate suburb where I actually was.On the command and control level we have people here getting arrested for not wearing a mask in school board meetings, people arrested for nothing, seated quietly at a public hearing, people losing their jobs and careers over “vaccine” mandates:  so the totalitarian tendencies are definitely there too.  One family is threatened with losing their kids to DYS because they gave them Ivermectin.  So open your eyes; be aware and involved in what is going on in your community; let’s not pretend we live in normal times here.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 headache2Joined On 02/19/2017Add as Friend Send MessageYou Can Not Comply Your Way Out Of Tyranny. Mike AdamsReply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 StarPowerVitDJoined On 04/19/2021Add as Friend Send MessageThis mass psychosis regarding the vaccine is not unlike what has occurred with sunscreens since the 1970s. Stay with me here…the unquestioning, lock-step use of sunscreen was adopted by ‘caring and responsible’ parents to protect their young from a disease that had a very low likelihood of happening: melanoma. ‘Bad’ parents let their kids play outside without being slathered in sunscreen, oh the horror! This mass psychosis of sun villification resulted in (designed) population wide vitD starvation causing our current epidemics of autoimmune disease, obesity, diabetes, autism, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Which has enriched Big Pharma as they re-engineer vitD into patented treatments, laden with side effects, that essentially replace what chronic vitD starvation removed.The above encapsulates Big Pharma’s playbook. Create a market where there currently isn’t one and sell the treatment to your victims. This is Tessa Luna’s hypothesis regarding what we’re seeing with the vaccines and I think it is the most likely possibility to understanding the ‘why’ of this mess. As a reminder, the vaccines purposely destroy the immune system such that regular boosters are required to maintain some degree of immune system function. This is the ‘subscription’ model of immunity. A boon to Big Pharma, not so good for you.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike N_caywomanJoined On 06/12/2009Add as Friend Send MessageCorrect, and this is just one of many example of mass psychosis.  When I was taking herbs and natural remedies for an acute illness, my colleague, a young american woman, was terrified-How can you take something that has not been approved by FDA and no scientific evidence it is safe and works. Meantime she was on an array of drugs prescribed by her mental health doctor. At 24 she was hooked on her medications, hypnotized to believe #1 she needs it #2 it is safe and effective #3 it is helping with her ADD or whatever her diagnosis was.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 Sue12CrossJoined On 10/31/2009Add as Friend Send MessageIsn’t all this just part of the propaganda? How many ‘millions believe’, who has ‘mass formation psychosis’ because vitamin B12 deficiency is epidemic and has the same symptoms. How many of the population of Africa and India believe in any of this? They’ve been ‘lab rats’ for centuries, so have indigenous peoples all around the World. Just because your captured ‘leader’, goes on MSM and tells you ‘we’re all going to die’, do you believe that, really?At the outset yes, some did, with so many chronically sick in the West already taking drugs, with compromised immune systems, it was easy to persuade them, that only the state could save them. Many people were rudderless, covid gave their life a meaning with its quasi-religious mantras, texts and ceremonies, even its priests – the so-called scientists.  Redefine the word pandemic and incentivise the writing of Covid on death certificates. Add to that (something that is already going to court on the 21st December) the unprecedentedly high use of DNR orders and two ‘end-of-life’ drugs Midazolam and morphine in care homes. Then within hours of it being put up on mainstream media that the first 1.5 million jabs had been offered, that morphed into 1.5 million jabs given – that was quick!Against all this smoke and mirrors look at the comments underneath the videos that promote this propaganda, look at the percentage that are pro and before YT took down dislikes, the percentage to likes was staggering. Most MSM Newspapers on-line no longer have comments, the ones that do, are not winning the propaganda war. How many people in how many countries are out on the streets every weekend? Why can the MSM no longer count – they talk of thousands when we see hundreds of thousands. If so many ‘believe’ why do they need this constant, relentless propaganda? Are we as humans really as stupid as they believe we are? You are unique, an individual, with all the tax billions funneled to ‘behavioural insights’ research, no one explained that.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 OrganicHawaii.orgJoined On 03/26/2020Add as Friend Send MessageGeneral ignorance, malice, and psychosis are to be expected in the age of Kali Yuga (Hinduism), aka Iron Age (Ancient Greece), aka End Times (Christianity). This is normal considering the predictable downfall (de-evolution) of civilization according to the cyclical nature of The Ages. Nevertheless, we much continue our Ascension and help those we can.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 navisos34Joined On 10/09/2017Add as Friend Send MessageIt is rather interesting that the former Soviet-ruled states which understand totalitarianism from their experiences, has a much greater portion  of vaccine skeptics.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike mirandolaJoined On 06/27/2014Add as Friend Send MessageSo accustomed to our freedom, Americans are rather blissfully unsuspecting. As a friend from the former Iron Curtain said, “Everybody And Their Mother knew that the media was just a propaganda machine. People just tuned it out”. America is opposite to that. I hope the awakening is not too rude and I hope that we get our freedom back. I believe our hope is in the lawsuits.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike MacskakJoined On 08/18/2021Add as Friend Send MessageI greatly hope so – otherwise schwab’s intention to eliminate my country’s people to replace them with obeying Asians….as he believes Hungarians are too individualistic….would be successful.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 jaredsmom2hotmail.comJoined On 05/15/2021Add as Friend Send MessageBible prophecy is coming true before our eyes. Come quickly Lord Jesus.  Maybe those of you who don’t believe will change your minds when all the Christians on earth disappear. It’s not an alien abduction!Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 juststeveJoined On 01/05/2012Add as Friend Send MessageOne of Doc’s best articles yet explaining much of what is happening and what has been happening for quite some time. The conditions of Mass Psychosis have been used & nurtured for more than what we are seeing just right now. Has anyone ever asked the question just why so many Americans, if not other countries have engaged in excessive drunkenness? (Bear, in mind, total disclosure on a hot summer day after hard physical labor, I like a beer, maybe even two.) This is about the cultural I’m tougher, cooler, better than you because I had one more beer or shot and could still crawl longer than you.Applies to the drug & opioids too. It points to the root cause of how over the last fifty sixty years we have mass violence events from totally unconnected individuals lashing out at who knows what. The Power Structure ever increasing draconian measures accomplishing worse than nothing other than to afford a thin veneer of this is what must be done. Leading to more of the same but with worse results. Very few seem to see it. When those charged with Security go down the path of total control it creates a closed loop of evermore fear with harsher measures creating more dis-eased pathologies feeding more fear. Security is like holding a bar of soap in the tub.Squeeze to hard & it fly’s away. Not hard enough & it falls out of your hand. This situation is out and beyond even that. This is just mindless top down blunt trauma You Will Obey, No Exceptions, Resistance is Futile. Sign up to see if you get to live. Corruption by Corrupt would be & already to many Dictators are the problem. It matters not what “ism” they fly on their flag, if their reality is a Divine Right King Dictator as the end result. (Scarier yet, if not already here, mindless math codes floating around a bunch of silly cone chips not even remotely connected to Creation, the Foundations of Life, Our Garden, Planet Earth.)Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageSteve; in Canada, throughout this global psyops, liquor stores are considered to be an “Essential Business”. Such insanity! Nothing stops the Big Money!Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike juststeveJoined On 01/05/2012Add as Friend Send MessageAlcohol, essential, opioids essential med’s, health destroying fast foods essential, jab/s essential, healthcare workers on the front lines for nearly two years essential until they became unjabbed zeroes who are sent to cheese line, strike that, one step away from internment camps. Sanity? Essential? Not so much. The second vid is outstanding and is far better than all my clumsy attempts over the years to point to such things. WoW! Great find Doc & Staff!!!!Parallel structures. Do positive things and positive things happen. Follow the cycles of Creation and what the Pillars of Life speak to Us as how to co-create with Creation. Creation leads. Know in doing so on a Living Planet, there will always be floods, droughts, earthquakes, volcanoes & the ever-present Corona virus. Just as we are discovering the cycles of Keto, to fast, to carb up with healthy proper foods grown in healthy living soils to go back to Keto, our Garden, Planet Earth is in constant flux too. Learn to appreciate and learn from this and maybe as a species we may actually deserve to move out into our solar system & then from there out and into the larger universe.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 lovestosing6Joined On 08/26/2013Add as Friend Send…/sc-house-bans-vax-mandates   WE DID IT!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh YEAHHHH!Maybe – just maybe – this will give more people the courage to come forward as whistleblowers to what they are really seeing.   I am trying not to hold my breath – but with Graham at the helm, I really thought we didn’t stand a chance!   I just know that when the tide turns – evil people gonna FALL DOWN rapidly.   I can’t wait to see how this story plays out.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 RichardNoakesJoined On 05/22/2021Add as Friend Send MessageIn the matter of vaccines – hot news, right off the press: CDC just warned that 15,000 American will die each week by Christmas… but from the vax In a stunning development that confirms the mass vaccine die-off is accelerating, the CDC now openly admits that 15,600 Americans will die each week by Christmas, with deaths continuing through the first part of 2022. Natural News has learned that the CDC’s early warning alert system which is tied into US hospitals is throwing out a large number of red flags indicating the leading edge of a mass die-off wave among the vaccinated. In a panic, the CDC put its propaganda machine to try to tell people the deaths were caused by covid, instead of the vaccine. By the spring of 2022, we are looking at a total of at least 600,000 Americans killed by covid vaccines, and probably closer to one million. See the full, shocking podcast here. P.S. Watch my recent interview with GiveSendGo founder Heather Wilson here. It’s an eye-opener: Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageOf course it’s all covid…no flu or colds for the past 2 years!Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 Robert from Alberta CanadaJoined On 01/06/2007Add as Friend Send MessageGraphene and Graphene Oxide Basics  (full summary) Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 permars1Joined On 06/05/2015Add as Friend Send MessageO Dear, when the “supreme court” ruled against 2 of the ten commandments; 1. Thou shalt Not Kill (Supreme court says it’s ok to kill) 2.  Thou shalt not bear false witness (killing the baby in the womb is not killing because the baby is not a human being) We cast a thick veil of deception on America.   Answer? Preach the ten commandments, an altar call for forgiveness, repentance and live it with Jesus And o by the way, use aborted baby cells in the development of the jab and call it healing? Or do we recognize that cv 19 is a baby girl aborted lung cell?Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 stoneharborJoined On 06/30/2008Add as Friend Send MessageMass formation psychosis may very well be a real thing, and obviously if it’s threatening your freedom it’s a real threat to society.   A building block of this psychosis, necessary but not sufficient to cause it,  is  Media Truth Distortion. Kleptocratic control of our media has been around almost ever since there has been the written word, or even pictographs on Cave walls. It is just one person’s, or one group”s method of building a reality that they wish to convey to the rest of their society. It is hardly ever perfect truth, necessarily containing some amount of misunderstanding. It becomes dangerous when it is used as a tool to keep people blind.Once hopeful leaders discovered they could manage to control people if they narrowed down their thinking patterns, they have used propaganda to control us. We all know this, but I just like to raise awareness of it at this time, so we remain leery of all writing and most communication. A word spoken is not a truth spoken. It’s merely a word spoken. Up to the individual to determine what they want to do with it. I agree with Dr. Mercola that attempts to control us via the media are far more dangerous than the threat that was ever claimed for covid & more dangerous still than the actual threat of covid. At this time in my life, I somewhat wish the whole discussion of covid-19 were over and done, since it is so practically over. It would save us so much time for better things to focus on. I want to wish you all a wonderful yule season and I hope you will be able to enjoy it without undue worry. Many of us here and on other forms have had so much negativity pushed at us it’s hard to realize how lucky we still are. We might worry about freedom, but at least in the United States we still have this wonderful freedom to communicate and get things right..Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 lel36357Joined On 03/19/2015Add as Friend Send MessageI am so glad to see this conversation taking place.  For decades we have, at least in America, been trying to learn how to control our own individual brains in order to be happier and more successful.  But history as taught in the history books reeks like an open bleeding sore, with the same  unanswerable question  over and over and over, in country after country:  why these massive killings that no one can stop and which are even treated in the world of art as being “glorious” take place?   If this dreadful plandemic does one good thing, it may be to bring our collective attention to our capacity for collective blindness, collective cruelty, while people misperceive their rage as a good thing.Clearly our biochemistry is not based upon justice, and without empathy there is no justice, peace, safety, or capacity to tell the truth.  It is beyond high time that we get serious about this.   Not only do we have world leaders demonstrating their psychopathy, but the number of young people with autism, which usually involves a lack of empathy but often an addiction to electronic technology, are growing in numbers daily. For at least the last twenty years, any medical experts who dared launch a well reasoned explanation for that rise in autism and gave warnings about it, were systematically shunned and ridiculed.  Now, look where we are:  in the middle of colliding tsunamis of crises, with the leadership “out to lunch” morally.  We’ve got to study this empathy situation and not just relegate it to the young people.  It is clearly an issue affecting people of all ages, and because they generally crave more power, they rise to the top, like foam on beer or a floating fungus.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 LillyTillyJoined On 04/21/2014Add as Friend Send MessageEveryone here is talking about how/why so MANY people the world over have been duped by the covid lie. Do you honestly think this is the first global lie?  Think again, and you can begin with the TRUTH about WW2.  Hint, as with so many of the evil elite media messages… it it the inversion of what we have been “hypnotized” to believe.  WHY? SAME REASON as with the covid lie … to enslave you.  If people had known the truth about WW2, we would not be in the situation we are today.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 N_caywomanJoined On 06/12/2009Add as Friend Send MessageIf one want to see the proof of mass psychosis, read this ViewPoint: “Get booster shots to avoid COVID catastrophe. ”   Keep in mind this mid Atlantic island literally closed its borders for 18 months and 90% population over 12 is jabbed. See how terrified they are of Omicron. The scariest part is, local media source-CNS mostly post comments that are in agreements with this View Point.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike FourcausesJoined On 01/23/2021Add as Friend Send MessageThe solution is to occupy the media. The truth wants to be free.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 gingipwJoined On 09/12/2021Add as Friend Send MessageWell, I watched the first video and as a born again “Christian”, I an declare that is a masterpiece. I’m no a scientist, not a media culprit or was fired by my boss because of the last standing tyranny. No, I woke up almost 11 years ago and since that awesome day my eyes are wide open. This video is the plain explanation of the BEAST and IT’S MARK. The so called virus, is the EXCUSE. WAKE UP!Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageGood for you! I woke up 12 years ago…a bit late; but I’m thinking – just in time! Anyone who is truly awake, will see this evil for what it is. The masses are not being injected with “vaccines”. They are being injected with Self-assembling nanobots that are altering their DNA (the ones who don’t die right away), to prepare them for the evil that’s coming. They are now less than human and through the genetic engineering of their biology, they are now the “property” of Big Pharma by way of the patented process and Intellectual Property Rights! Fortunately; I’ve seen this day coming for a long time! I have some “friends” who I thought were devout Christians, who have fallen for this deception…so sad.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 Raythe4thJoined On 07/16/2012Add as Friend Send Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 AstrocomicalJoined On 01/06/2021Add as Friend Send MessageOnly shows lots of sheep out there.  Want direction and leadership because they are lazy and frightened but mostly lazy.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike danceswthwordsJoined On 07/16/2012Add as Friend Send MessagePeople are wired to be herd animals. So yes, we are like sheep. We evolved to fell safer in numbers because we ARE safer in numbers, especially against big predators. In the Christian scripture God tells his disciples to tend his sheep. Lovingly tend them. So if we’re not a sheep and we’re not a shepherd (lovingly leading the sheep), what does that leave? The wolf. It’s the one that preys on sheep because they are soft and easily led.  If we don’t identify as a sheep we need to be leadrrs. Leaders don’t insult those whom they lead. I’m fed up with people insulting those who just want peace and are trying their best to understand without the insight into the media and natural health and etc. We shouldn’t insult them for being trusting and believing what they are told. They’re our friends and family and neighbours. Love them. Lead then gently. Or recognize that you’re the predator and you’re perpetuating this divide.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 gaylezpcJoined On 07/31/2009Add as Friend Send MessageThink back…to the decades of television and media programming. This direction became obvious decades ago when kids started getting diagnosed as “ADD”…and, needed drugs to treat it. Once that diagnosis became accepted, it was easy to convince people that there was/is a “mental health” problem and then we had prozac and adderall, etc.  The media is flooded with “mental health” stories (with attendant celebrity spokespersons). Studies are coming out stating that COVID is contributing to depression, mental health issues, etc. Mission Accomplished.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 njladyJoined On 11/21/2006Add as Friend Send MessageWhen this whole “pandemic” started I thought  gee, maybe in the process of developing a vaccine, they will discover a therapeutic or maybe even a cure for lyme….Umm…never mind ..Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 junebabywoh.rr.comJoined On 08/30/2017Add as Friend Send Messagedissenters fear being thrown in prison after governments response to January 6th.  Maybe my fear is something covid has given me?Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 bfr27915Joined On 09/26/2021Add as Friend Send Message“Rise like Lions after slumber, In unvanquishable number! Shake to Earth your chains like dew, Which in sleep has settled on you: Ye are many – They are few!” Percy Bysshe ShelleyReply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 lordbasilJoined On 03/11/2007Add as Friend Send MessageThere are a lot of questions about the nature of the COVID viruses that are not being displayed to the public and that is problematic only for those people with live minds and a fair amount of intelligence.Why would there be a visible connection between wearing masks and a reduction in the cases of COVID?My first reaction? There is none! I think that was wrong of me. Then it struck me. WHAT IF?What if the connection is parasitic? That would mean the virus is transmitted by bacteria into the body and only then does it become a real threat. So a mask that keeps the bacterial host out would have some kind of effect to keep the virus parasite at bay.IF that is the case, then a treatment that kills the bacteria might also keep the virus from coming alive in the cells.When I was young, I had a lot of ideas that were not correct. As such, I am paranoid about judging ideas before all the facts are in. Because what you think you know, often times may be wrong. In the early and successful treatment of COVID by a minority of doctors silenced by the FDA with threats on their licenses to make a living, they did use a strong antibiotic as part of a treatment against COVID. The use of vitamin therapy and the use of zinc with an enhancer was successful.Injections bypassing the stomach and the intestines did also make a difference.It has been suggested that we are dealing with a lab-based bioweapon. As such it is a very nasty piece of work. As a common cold relative, it is likely to mutate to 150 different viruses. The only effective treatment to such a weapon is likely to be a mild poison that eliminates any virus rather than an antibiotic alone.I feel that facts about a multiple mutation eliminates just about every vaccine out there as a good treatment. Including the brilliant work using the immunity programming.We are really talking about billions of dollars invested in a poor cure. That is the real problem.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 JanBrownIndianaJoined On 12/04/2012Add as Friend Send MessageGreat article!  However, re one of the stated solutions – “Substitute fear of the virus narratives with narratives that highlight an even greater fear — fear of totalitarianism.“ – as most of us know, the psychosis prevents them from receiving the facts surrounding the covid fraud that’s bringing us to totalitarianism.  So how exactly do we get through?  One suggestion was to be very, very gentle in presenting the facts, and if they resist, then back off and let them digest what you just shared; then maybe try again another time.  But that process could take a very long time!  I just wonder…DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A SOURCE that provides some SPECIFIC STATEMENTS that have been found to break thru the psychosis?  In other words, just saying “Did you know the PCR tests created false positives in order to drive up the # of Cases, creating the fear we all experienced until they were ready with a vaccine?” doesn’t work.  Nor does this work: “Did you know they had to cover up the fact that there were 2 drugs that cure covid or else they wouldn’t have been able to get FDA authorization for the vaccine?”Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 FourcausesJoined On 01/23/2021Add as Friend Send Message“””The Four Base Conditions for ‘Mass Formation’:1.Lack of social bonding — Social isolation2.Seeing life as meaningless, purposelessness and senseless, and/or being faced with persistent circumstances that don’t make rational sense3.Widespread free-floating anxiety and free-floating discontent4.Widespread free-floating frustration and aggression”””Each one of those four factors is caused by, simply, an inability to communicate.  And the solution is to occupy the media, to pull the strings of the puppet master’s marionette, to wield the sword of goliath, and to use it against them. You can turn up the volume and shout as loud as you want, but to get through, the chanell has to change. The truth wants to be free.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 plm5970Joined On 02/08/2014Add as Friend Send Messagei’ve been very aware of it since 2016.  and yes it’s in full force.  and yes people are oblivious.  it’s terrifying and pathetic.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 robbie2uJoined On 06/29/2011Add as Friend Send MessageTo restrict the freedoms of the unvaccinated  infers that the vaccination program has made it unsafer for the unvaccinated to move around than before where there was no vaccine available  and the unvaccinated (everybody) moved freely all other things being equal including Covid. If this is not the conclusion to draw then there is no reason to restrict the freedoms of the unvaccinated as it is now a much safer environment than before.The hallowed belief that vaccines are safe and therefore all that is good in humankind is being tested    to see if it holds true. Those who are reverent followers fight to hold on to this belief but evidence is so overwhelming due to covid that the belief must be more indignant and resistant or it will collapse and faith broken and then where will we be? If admittance leads to lostness then perhaps lostness is where we need to be in order to regain the truth and wiser use of our resources and facilities and to not be bamboozled or locked in.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageI did not get very far in the “educational” system, through no fault of my own; although, I do have a high I.Q. and once I left that system, in my early adulthood, I read many books on science and technology, psychology; and many other areas – including health and fitness. I understand the human condition very well and have no problem whatsoever, understanding this article. It is spot on! This is exactly what’s occurring! I have a dental appointment next week and of course, I will be FORCED to wear the muzzle; as well as have a temperature GUN pointed at my head – by a receptionist! Talk about atrocities! The mass psychosis could not be more obvious to me!Many thanks to the one who posted the following link, yesterday. I believe that it more than relevant to this article. This is one of the most important documents that I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen many); especially if you live in the U.S.. Then again; never forget that this psyops is global! I would love to see Dr. Mercola fit this into an article – soon! Since this PDF comes directly from the DHS – nobody will be able to accuse him of mis/disinformation or label him a “Conspiracy Theorist”! This should be of great concern to those of you who are awake enough to understand it. Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike juststeveJoined On 01/05/2012Add as Friend Send MessageWhen I look back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all. And although my lack of education hasn’t hurt me none, I can read the writing on the wall. You seem more than smart enough to me mister.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageThank you much, Steve. When it comes to music; I am verrrry smart. That was a great song (Kodachrome)! So great, in fact…here it is, for all to enjoy! as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageBTW: I really need to get this one out. Every single office today, has at least one screen, tuned in to the “news” channel, spewing lies and propaganda all day long. This certainly includes dental offices, medical clinics, etc.. How can those “Professional” people NOT be totally brainwashed!!! This totally eludes the hoards of Lemmings that have taken over this society! They are the epitome of clueless Lemmings!Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike tallulah3Joined On 04/21/2021Add as Friend Send MessageRandy I went to my dentist here in Texas a couple of weeks ago and no mask was required. I was so happy about that. I do believe a lot of people think that all of this Covid crap is a bunch of nonsense. I was listening to Brighteon last night and it’s predicted that 15,000 people will die every week. I wonder if these shots are somehow time release and I bet they will blame the unvaxxed on it. I know several people that got the clot shot. People that I thought were too smart for it. A couple of them have talked down to me and have treated me like I’m stupid.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageTallulah3; unfortunately, it just keeps getting worse up here. What out for the “January Surprise”! They are already inflating the “numbers” and telling us that things will surely get worse over Christmas.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike tallulah3Joined On 04/21/2021Add as Friend Send MessageI think they want to ruin Christmas for everyone. They are evil and satanic.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 N_caywomanJoined On 06/12/2009Add as Friend Send MessageThe airmen, who flew the atomic bombing missions,  were normal men in human bodies, no more able than anyone else to fully comprehend or bear responsibility for the mission they had been chosen to execute. In the ensuing decades, only one of the 90 servicemen, Maj. Claude Eatherly, came forward to publicly declare that he felt remorse for what he had done. In a 1961 interview with reporter Ronnie Dugger, Eatherly explained that he was not convinced by the orthodox explanation about the atomic bomb as a war winning weapon; the Japanese were putting up so little resistance by early August that Eatherly believed the war would have ended even without the nuclear devastation.  “I made up my mind [Col. Paul Tibbets Jr.] then that the morality of dropping that bomb was not my business,” he told an interviewer in 1989. “I have never lost a night’s sleep on the deal.” The bombing had killed an estimated 140,000 people in Hiroshima, and a further 74,000 in Nagasaki.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike LillyTillyJoined On 04/21/2014Add as Friend Send MessageThanks for mentioning. The bombing was a satanic act indeed. Those numbers indicate those killed immediately, not those who were maimed, burnt horrifically, and not those who were born after that most evil event, with terrible defect.  Interestingly we hear VERY little about the ugliest moment in history….Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 CabochonJoined On 10/07/2018Add as Friend Send MessageToday’s  article confirms our understanding of mass formation psychosis, a tool beloved by fascism, nazi-ism and the totalitarian coup d’etats now taking place globally. Robert Malone went public in his approval of Archbishop Vigano’s call for “dissenters to  join together“ giving fence sitters another option. We cannot rely on our own governments who have already been bought off and we must ignore the pretence of party politics making the slightest difference to the globalist agenda.  Puppet  member states such as the UK must do as instructed by the WHO and its schemer-in-chief Adolf Gates who amongst his other misdeeds got himself designated  as a country through GAVI as a member state of the WHO thus acquiring immunity from prosecution as a “one man country” member State.The WHO and the U.N. have more or less appointed themselves de facto one world government already.  Adolf’s reincarnation has consulted the playbook using all the tricks needed to circumvent the law plus of course unlimited cash to consult lawyers or bribe any source that needs persuasion. In one sense, the law is powerless and has already been corrupted at least in the U.S. and possibly world wide.We must leave aside “the old systems of political parties and the logic imposed by a system enslaved to power and money” said Vigano as he called for an alliance against globalist crimes.  The only bit missing is how to contact him and join the movement??  Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 sea5682Joined On 10/06/2019Add as Friend Send MessageThe statement “Mass formation psychosis is the explanation for how the Germans accepted the atrocities by the Nazi party in the 1930s” is concerning to me and vague. Please tell me where I can find solid evidence of this. I see no footnote as to where the information came from, so I can only surmise that it is hearsay. This is a problem. To immediately start regurgitating catch phrases from the “usual suspects” regarding the generally accepted as true “International scapegoat” for all the things bad happening in the World does our cause NO good.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike N_caywomanJoined On 06/12/2009Add as Friend Send MessageIf one is on this site, listening/reading to daily Hot Topics, I would assume that he/she doesn’t need a “scientific” proof, evidence for everything, for he or she is a critical thinker, an independent thinker able to analyze information objectively and make a reasoned judgment.   If you disagree with “”Mass formation psychosis is the explanation for how the Germans accepted the atrocities by the Nazi party” please offer your own opinion based on your own analysis. May be it is in human nature to unite and kill others en masse.  Hiroshima bombing and all modern time  (20th century) wars killed at least 108 million people.   Paul Tibbets Jr., who flew plane that dropped first atomic bomb lived to 92 and had no regrets. Was he hypnotized? Claude Eatherly, another pilot,  spent years punishing himself for his role in the first atomic bombing.The American airmen who flew the mission to drop the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945, were witnessing a man-made cataclysm unlike anything seen in the previous history of human warfare. They watched as fire swallowed the city whole. The atomic bomb was the most ferociously deadly weapon ever created by human ingenuity — a technology that multiplied the power of these few men and planes to a degree out of all comprehensible scale. In Hiroshima alone, some 70,000 people were killed instantly. These airmen were normal men in human bodies, no more able than anyone else to fully comprehend or bear responsibility for the mission they had been chosen to execute. In the ensuing decades, only one of the 90 servicemen who flew the atomic bombing missions, Maj. Claude Eatherly, came forward to publicly declare that he felt remorse for what he had doneMark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike VladimiraJoined On 02/12/2008Add as Friend Send MessageYes, indeed. This shows you that the people who cry “mass formation psychosis” are victims of it too, but are unaware. They see only portions of the truth but believe that they know the whole. A lot of fragmented people who point the finger at others not seeing their own failings. God (or whatever you call this uncorrupted energy that ultimately has the final say) chose not to give them this information. The insight and critical thinking skills of such people are only partial. It cannot be more obvious for the God chosen ones: if the present is a bunch of lies, why do you think the OFFICIAL narratives of the past are nothing but truth? WHO WRITES THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVES OF THE PAST? THE SAME LOT WHO WRITES THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVES OF THE PRESENT. It doesn’t make logical sense, but only the God selected ones can see that. God gives the truth to some, denies it to others. Maybe this is how it should be. People have been living a LIE much bigger than they think and much longer than they think.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 versatileJoined On 10/16/2007Add as Friend Send MessageYes, and no. The COVID Pandemic is not a psychological problem. This is a classic medical system error, to focus on the individual’s symptoms. We need to focus on cure. We cure by addressing the present causes. Causes can be present in body, mind, spirits, communities, and environments. Our current medical paradigm focus is on the individual, misinterpreting diseases like the pandemic. A focus on physical causes cannot cure a pandemic. The basic pandemic cause is systemic community manipulation. “Lack of societal bonding, experiencing life as meaningless and senseless, widespread free-floating…” anxiety, discontent, frustration, and aggression are not causes, they are symptoms. Lies are the cause. Lies breed in communities, not individuals.These symptoms can and are being used to manipulate individuals and communities, to increase the symptoms, increasing the power of the manipulation. They can, and are being leveraged to facilitate manipulation by the very victims. Everyone who submits to wearing a mask manipulates others to believe in the mask and to believe in the pandemic. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask is cast out of the community. This manipulation occurs with the fear, social distancing, sanitizing, vaccination, and many more factors. To some extent, it is by design, but – as this article points out – it is also a feature of human societies.How to escape? How to cure? The problem is complex. The cure will not be trivial. Mattias Desmet offers some excellent alternatives. As we fight this battle for humanity, I am beginning to see some light. In the face of never ending boosters, many – even the vaccinated – are beginning to wake up. Cracks are beginning to appear. We need to help them see. I live for the day when this breaks open and we all, not just those current awake, begin to analyze the pandemic issues openly and to identify those responsible and bring them to justice. Lies are the cause. Truth is the cure.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 CMT367Joined On 10/16/2018Add as Friend Send MessageRec’d from Dr. Robert Malone’s free website email subscription: 23 January 2022, Defeat the Mandates March on Washington DC scheduled… Forward the message so the Movement spreads to other USA cities… defeatthemandatesdc.comReply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 sunbonanzaJoined On 05/12/2010Add as Friend Send MessageAll the “crazy stuff” makes sense if I think about “Skynet”? I think “COVID”, “climate change”, “5G”, “smart devices” and “mass formation psychosis” are mainly about weaponizing “Skynet”? I think 666 Jabs (only 5% are “deadly”) are to engineer fake tests and fake medications using Artificial Intelligence “manipulations”. I think fake medicines with 5G beams are the main killer? I think an AI killer program just needs to “manipulate patterns of life per case” to kill, therefore a general analysis of logical sequences can be impossible to prove? I think an “AI Skynet” has been “commissioned” to exterminate 60% of humanity in 10 years?Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageI think that the PDF from the DHS makes it quite clear that A.I. will be taking over “healthcare”!Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 gary_haJoined On 08/27/2021Add as Friend Send MessageMotive:  search for Gonacon. Two injections and a booster (in some places in time). Similar side-effects. Immunocontraceptive vaccine when populations become unmanageable. Mammals only. Are we mammals?Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send Message…and the hits just keep on coming! I wouldn’t doubt for a moment, that they are already injecting this into people!Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 wil7144Joined On 02/13/2018Add as Friend Send MessageThe Great Lie (reset) has finally brought together, under Dr. M’s protective umbrella, articulate eloquent wordsmiths but only one blacksmith’s forge (                ). There is no time left to dance about using words as if it was a sunny game of tennis, trying to decide whose egosmith reads better.  Stop writing, start voting (                ) share 24/7 or China will be locking you ALL into their idea of The Aquarius Brotherhood of Man: see Li-Meng Yang M.D., Ph.D. prediction.  I am personally too old to take credit for (                ). However, I am here just to shine a light on it.  Brief history of Davos January 17 -2022. The Davos of 325 AD at Nicaea was ordered by Constantine (Gates/Fauci). By one vote Davos 2022 was created. As Air Chief Marshal Dowding said, “They did it, of course, by burning every book of the ancient wisdom which they could lay their hands on ”  In 1938, Hitler did the same. By Jan 17, 2022- unless you have used the dark World Wide Web’s (WWW) to vote in God’s new light (                ) you will not have a match or candle to see the jail that you have been herded into.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 Robert from Alberta CanadaJoined On 01/06/2007Add as Friend Send Message…”but I see this as the biggest battle in modern times, I feel that everything is at stake here”… yes… we’re in an undeclared war/culling and assimilation into the hive mind ww.   NaturalNews Situation Update, Dec 15, 2021 – Volcanoes, global cooling, food crop failures, inflation and crypto bubbles   12/10/21 Catherine Austin Fitts Explains: ‘We’ve Been Lured to Create Our Own Prison’ If you don’t want to contribute to building this global prison, you have to actually take action and change how and who you do business with, says Catherine Austin Fitts. (great eugenical summary/overview of the current global “ranching” situation going into a geophysical/astrophysical dark winter)  Think Censorship Is Being Coordinated on a Global Scale? It Is. The International Grand Committee on Disinformation consists of “an international array of legislators, policy advisers and other experts” who work together “to forge international alliances that bring shared, effective strategies into the battle against online disinformation.”  Nano-red Intra-Corporal – Neural Lace  They Want To Turn You INTO A ROUTER (send/receive emf signals/energy) – Hugo Talks…/2FUCKP4LdDrpReply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike Robert from Alberta CanadaJoined On 01/06/2007Add as Friend Send…/main.pdf   What is VR, AR, MR and VDR: The Different Realities Lots of realities exist in the world of technocracy, i.e., VR, AR, MR and VDR. They respectively stand for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Death Reality. But what are they and how do they differ from one another? Virtual Death Reality is when the VR, AR and MR sims have virtually lobotomized the main meat cpu and it is powered down unable to power up again, reboot or send/receive signals. as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike RandyfastJoined On 05/06/2010Add as Friend Send MessageRobert; we are at a turning point here; and everything ‘is’ at stake! Something that the majority of the population fails to see. Thank you so much for that PDF. The plot continues to thicken! I’m building quite a library on my computer!Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 jor1355Joined On 07/06/2018Add as Friend Send MessageI think that since a long time,the only way to stop this no-sense is when something much bigger happens.As strange it may sound,i think it would be great if we have a big financial market crash,and everything will be expensive and people will wake up and face real problems,and this will bring them together again,and at the same time they will recognize the evils who create all this crisis.In my mind this crash will happen anyway,but as sooner it happens,it will kill totaliarism and save humanity.The way back to freedom is not always easyy,but needed.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 merculoJoined On 04/12/2020Add as Friend Send MessageRight on. Can nazi-vaxers and the zombie-vaxed call him anti-vaxer although he invented this “vaccine” technology, and got the Pfizer jab himself?Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 CasimceaJoined On 06/06/2020Add as Friend Send MessageExcept that millions of Germans did not know about the concentration camps.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 RichardNoakesJoined On 05/22/2021Add as Friend Send MessageI feel a lot like the Farmer who bolted his stable door after his horse had bolted: Covid Crusher: Mix one heaped teaspoon of Iodine table salt in a mug of warm clean water, cup a hand and sniff or snort the entire mugful up your nose, spitting out anything which comes down into your mouth. If sore, then you have a virus, so continue morning noon and night, or more often if you want, until the soreness goes away (2-3 minutes) then blow out your nose and flush away, washing your hands afterwards, until when you do my simple cure, you don’t have any soreness at all, when you flush – job done.Also swallow a couple of mouthfuls of salt water and if you have burning in your lungs, salt killing virus and pneumonia there too. My simple salt water cure, kills all Coronaviruses and viruses, as soon as you think you have an infection, or while self isolating, before the viruses mutate into the disease in your head and body, for which there is no cure. I have been doing this simple cure for over 27 years and I am and others never sick from viruses and there is no reason why any of you should be either – when your only alternative are those vaccines!!Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 RichardNoakesJoined On 05/22/2021Add as Friend Send MessageFrom what I recall reading, the Muslim faith has 80% of the world population believing in it and all of the other religious faiths have 20%, so with Covid and vaccines now input into 8.0 billion of the 8.6 billion Census Advanced  Western Technological Societies, soon the religion of choice will be Muslim 100% – the 80% Muslim from countries too poor to get vaccines, for example Africa, India, other Muslim dominant countries – if at first you don’t succeed try and try again. Have to start practicing how to be a good Muslim – bonus – as a male, I can have 4 “young” wives, just to start with – Allah is Great, after all!!Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike EconomistfromHellJoined On 06/15/2021Add as Friend Send MessageRacist and religious rubbish.  To start with a simple search of the internet would reveal that the continent of Africa is not dominated by Islam.  Try practising reading before writing?Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 BernadetteGatelyJoined On 09/18/2006Add as Friend Send MessageThank you Richard Noakes, I saw daily  saltwater sniffing recommended for eliminating colds in an old Yoga book, but no clear explanation of how to do it properly. Could you please explain what you mean by “cup a hand”? All the best to you. Gratefully.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 forbiddenhealingJoined On 02/21/2011Add as Friend Send MessageDunno bout Malone?…Why invent a Monsanto-style solution to largely sub-lethal problems?…ignoring all preventive immune boosting natural biochemistry and very effective treatments…making people feel dependent on mainstream sick-care only to enrich bloated pharmaceutical cartels???Our system of rule by corporate monopoly created a matrix of dependency, a psychological addiction to feeling protected by being a cog in BigBro military, agribusiness, medicine, media.. queuing to inane bureaucratic regulation and fearmongering..Stay in Line!Off grid farmers feel no such dependency and will eat despite what bullshit banksters and shiny suits babble. To obey the incoherent ramblings of decrepit Biden, sly Gates/Fauci doubletalk, silly Schumer and rapidly melting Pelosi is absurd to free-living free-thinking souls. These clowns are only supported by system members equally dependent on the fat system money they sold their integrity for.  Yeah, so lots of group psychology goin on here..where leaving group-consciousness feels like jumping off a cliff to the neurotic herd.Many technologies should never have been invented..and then misused..but this is a symptom of a wrong-headed narrative built by an authoritarian hierarchy on the religion of greed with zero responsibility for the death and misery they cause.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 danceswthwordsJoined On 07/16/2012Add as Friend Send MessageI usually love Mercola’s insights butI fell strongly that the solution to fear is not replacing their fear with another worse fear. You cannot reason with a traumatized/ fearful person. You need to bring them out of that state. The best solution, the only solution, is connection. Connect with people and disconnect from TV. Find ways to lovingly connect with those who are afraid, even if it’s just a care basket or a weekly phone call. We need connection. That is how we’re designed. The darkness is never overcome by more darkness. We need to shine light in these places. With truth and loving kindness. We need to foster faith and hope not fear. Amplifying fear at this time may get more readers but it does not help us to course correct.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 76La76Joined On 05/20/2016Add as Friend Send Message@RichardNoakes Actually Christianity is the largest faith followed in the world..just google it.  It’s 2000 years old.  Has 2.something billion followers while islam has under 2 billion.  Just thought id put that out there.  But soon i think christianity will be re titled christinsanity as the world leaders are proving to very much evil bass tards.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike Raythe4thJoined On 07/16/2012Add as Friend Send MessageCatholicism isn’t true Christianity, it’s a christianized Mystery Babylonian Religion, and even the Bible itself says it’s an abomination before God. (see Revelation 17) Jesus said in Matthew: Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Matthew 7:13-14  Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Religion isn’t what’s needed. A spiritual rebirth is! That can be found within the pages of God’s Word and doesn’t require a Religion, or a Preacher/teacher.  If people read and were familiar with their Bibles, they would not be easily deceived by religion. When church dogma contradicts with what the Bible says, and “The Church” claims to have the authority to supersede God’s Word, anyone with common sense should be able to tell something is wrong. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike therealjonesJoined On 10/08/2010Add as Friend Send MessageIf you believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose to life on the third day, then you are a Jesus follower/Christian period. Catholics are Jesus followers.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike JuQuDCJoined On 07/10/2020Add as Friend Send MessageRay: If there is a way to divide us from each other, we will find it.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 solitairecatJoined On 01/07/2016Add as Friend Send MessageI personally think it is the wheat that is driving people mad.   Even before the Plandemic there was an increase in early onset dementia which the major symptom is rage.   I’ve seen this rage in a member of my immediate family cured by a gluten free diet.  He’s a completely different person than he was.  I never would have imagined diet would impact a persons behavior like that. To complicate things a bit – a ‘gluten free’ diet can and should include sourdough bread. Sourdough bread has significantly less gluten than non-fermented bread, stabilizes the blood sugar levels for 24 hours.…/sourdough-bread  Back in 2017 Dr. Mercola had an article How to Safely Bring Wheat Back into Your Diet, in which he recommended sourdough bread.  Many of his readers turned on him for daring to say such a thing, and I don’t think he ever mentioned it again. Molecular mimicry which is the root of autoimmune disease is caused by gluten and Covid.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike reg5821Joined On 08/11/2019Add as Friend Send MessageInteresting SolitaireCat- Dr. Allesio Fasano of Harvard shown that everyone’s, celiac and normal intestinal glial cells react adversely when challenged with gluten. This is the mechanism of mass anxiety and agitation and anger that is then social engineered into left / right political camps, Cloward and Piven and the Hegelian dialectic. People’s serotonin etc. is continually dis-regulated.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike solitairecatJoined On 01/07/2016Add as Friend Send MessageIn an article back in 2016, Dr. Perlmutter said “What is newsworthy is the recent finding that the breakdown in the gut lining as a response to gluten exposure is, according to Harvard researchers, an event that occurs in all humans. That means that there is immune activation occurring in all of us when we consume gluten, whether we think we are having issues, or as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike andiroadrunnerJoined On 01/24/2012Add as Friend Send Messagesolitairecat; Thanks for this.  Considering Glyphosate/GMO applications to mass farming wheat & other grains:  perhaps one of these 2 variables is affecting gluten diets.   Food Coop with small production, non-GMO /Organic farm production is our source of grains/growing what we can.  The gut-brain connection is not to be underestimated. Probiotic state of the gut affects the brain psychologically; consider high quality  supplements-we know where they are.  I make my own yogurt, w/strains like: L. Plantarum & L. Rhamnosis; in the research papers as being highly effective for gut/digestion/Fermented foods also & enzymes like DPP-4 linked to gluten: some research:…/PMC5025969;  incomplete dig/toxins that interfere w/ other body functions like sleep:  ; connection between POTS & gluten here:  Bodily healthy, I find psychologically healthy my faith in human possibilities in the Quantum Physics realm connected to faith as children of God. The abilities for humans to connect hearts/mind/and emotion is how my intuition tells me is the way out of this tyranny of removing human from consciousness.  We were born with rights under God. Globally, clearly the Laws of Man are broken & not being upheld. The words of God and feeling of love in my heart/mind/body brings me peace.  Zev Zelenko/Hill to die on   Also, the Native American harmony practices of being a good relative to the earth/calling on grandmothers, grandfathers, ancestors, & mother earth; resonate with me for daily grounding.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike solitairecatJoined On 01/07/2016Add as Friend Send MessageYes Andiroadrunner, I agree that glyphosate and GMO is also affecting our physical and mental health.  I have switched to organic grains to reduce glyphosate exposure which I believe prohibits the use of GMO wheat.  I lucked out and was able to find an organic farmer not too far from where I live who delivers the flour to me.  It’s pricey but boy is it good.Another big problem is the bromide added to the flour which blocks the thyroid.  This was banned in Canada, but I believe it continues in the US.  I believe thyroid dysfunction is another symptom of this problem.  And just like fluoride, bromide causes a decrease in IQ, turning people into idiots.I’m a fermentation junky!  I make sourdough, kefir, veggies (Dr. Mercola’s recipe which is d-bomb), natto, wine, and mead 🙂Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike MoMac46Joined On 03/08/2021Add as Friend Send MessageSolitairecatYou may be right on my dads farm where I grew up, we never fed the hens or chickens wheat as it made them flighty and behave strangely. However I mostly eat sourdough rye as I prefer it. As to whether a gluten diet is better or has a more calming effect I am not qualified to say. Interesting though.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike solitairecatJoined On 01/07/2016Add as Friend Send MessageInteresting that the behaviour of hens and chickens is affected by wheat!Another change that affected bread was the introduction of instant yeast in the 1970’s.  This increased bread production because it could be prepared in a few hours rather than overnight.  However, it is the longer fermentation that removes the phytates (anti-nutrients) and reduces the gluten, so the exposure to these poisons increased across the population.  This is about the time that chronic diseases were increasing exponentially.  Many diseases are autoimmune, the body attacking itself because a part of our body has changed, and is now recognized as an enemy.  This is molecular mimicry.Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 trishkins59Joined On 07/21/2016Add as Friend Send MessageThis is more projection – the world is being taken over by fascists masking as libertarians (the Bannon (Goebbels?) etc playbook – accuse your enemy of what you wish to do), ie propaganda. You can fool some of the people some of the time… (It’s got nothing to do with the rights and wrongs of vaccinations.)Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike grullaJoined On 01/17/2012Add as Friend Send MessageI’m not quite sure if you and I are on the same page here, but when I sense a phony (L)libertarian, I often think of them as a “fibbertarian”. And I’m not that ideologically pure, (as the wind driven snow), as I don’t necessarily follow the LP party platform as a hardliner, having some possible differences with them in out-of-control border immigration and certain environmental concerns, etc. Nor am I necessarily in lockstep with “free-range” libertarians either, (think anarchy warlord government), but I’d like to at least think that my libertarian heart is in the right place. Live and let live, question authority, laissez faire, don’t impose my personal beliefs on others, “I love my country, but not my government”, and of course the U.S. Constitution as a strict constructionist, etc. as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 trishkins59Joined On 07/21/2016Add as Friend Send MessageLibertarian agenda …… Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike
 solitairecatJoined On 01/07/2016Add as Friend Send MessageI disagree that social isolation is causing mass psychosis.  It’s more like the reverse – mob mentality causing people to hate their family, friends and neighbours.  It’s a lot like nationalism but vaccination has become the thing that binds people together against the unvaxxed.Reply Mark as Spam Posted On 12/18/2021 Like  Dislike

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