Imagine, going on national TV on a fake stage and getting the jab with the nurses ass suddenly being thrust in from of the camera to avoid looking at the syringe.

Fake White House set, fake syringe?

13 children dead from Covid vax in South Africa. Liberals silent until they laugh.

CriMinals are running the world governments & corporations now. In the end, it boils down to we the people against those who work for these criminals.

13 Kids Have Did From Covid-19 Vaccines In A School In South Africa And No News Media Coverage, Just Instagram Posts That Keep Getting Deleted By Big Tech.

Another vax job the liberals love. “Second jab on Monday, by Tuesday he was in the hospital, by Wednesday he was admitted to the Cardiac wing, where he still is now. I don’t know when he’ll come home.”

The Surpise Speaker at the TP Double Down in Las Vegas was …JIM CAVIEZEL!!An amazing speech of his own & combining Regan’s 60 speech with Mel Gibson in Bravehart!His final words: “Evil is powerless when good men are unafraid!”

12 minutes that will blow you away if you ever thought this life, as it currently is, isn’t quite right.

I’ve frequently stated, I’ve woken up in a twilight zone episode and can’t find the door. 🤦‍♂️

Was an OBVIOUSLY mentally disturbed, Alec Baldwin who kept repeating ‘sacrifice’ giving a message he was about to kill Hutchins? This interview was just prior to him killing her on a nearly empty set.

Exposing ALEC was in the works
How many coincidences do we have before it’s NOT?
Is Alec telegraphing the murder of Hutchins? He’s obviously EXTREMELY disturbed

3 mins video of a 19 year old with blood clots in her lungs.Pfizered by the Aus government under threat of losing her job. These are crimes against humanity.🔥😞💯💉💉💉☠️⚠️🇦🇺How long are Aussies gonna pretend this is ok????!!!!

💥BQQQQQQQM💥 DOCTOR ADMITS ONCE HE INTUBATES PATIENTS 99% OF THOSE PATIENTS DIED – It’s never been about health or a cure…its about big pharma and hospitals scheming for profit.This doctor calls it “politics.”

If a hospital admits a COVID-19 patient, they get paid $13k.

If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, the hospital gets paid $39k—three times as much.

While HCQ is better known, has fewer side-effects, and costs about $20 a dose for out-patients, Remdesivir is a therapeutic course that costs $2,340/patient that has been proven to cause liver damage. Being intravenous, remdesivir requires expensive hospital care (hospital receives an addl $13k from Medicare.)

There have been many accounts of hospitals placing non covid patients on covid floors…increasing exposure and the hospital’s chance of cashing in more. They don’t want patient advocates like the woman in this video – 🍿🇺🇸 SHARE!!

Apparently, Myocarditis is a very rare reaction to the vaccine… yet there were 3 of us in hospital with unexplained Myocarditis. All having recently received the second Pfizer jab too 🤔 #Pfizer #Covid19UK #myocarditisSHARE this far and wide🇺🇸

This IS how Dumb People have become. They wait in line to get the shot while a guy who’s have convulsions is hauled away on a stretcher 🤦‍♂️

COVID line to get shot while hauling out another in convulsions.

🚨🚨 NIH Admits Funding Gain-of-Function Experiments; Gives EcoHealth Five Days to Report DataFauci “Knowingly. Willfully. Brazenly.” Lied

Government Reports State The Fully Vaccinated People Develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome!

HCQ replacement links

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The Miracle Mineral of the Twenty-first Century (Part 1 and Part 2)

OPEN LETTER TO AMERICA Donald J Slaughter Sr. Jun 9·7 min read unless you’re a liberal then have someone read it to you.

Dear America,

This is the story of possibly the greatest corruption scandal in our country’s history.

This is the story of how petty bureaucrats and drug companies unjustly discredited an inexpensive FDA-approved drug that would have prevented COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths for political spite and financial gain. These perpetrators, who now hold more significant positions in government, need to be held accountable for over 500,000 American deaths and the disruption of our economy.

This is the story of how a few key government officials failed to implement our well-formulated National Pandemic Plan and their weaponization of a dangerously complicit mainstream media.

I tell this story because we, the People, deserve answers — those responsible need to be held accountable for their actions. The COVID-19 pandemic was a proverbial “warning shot across our bow.” Thus, we must forever prioritize pandemic preparedness as critical to our national security.

We deserve better. We deserve the truth. We deserve answers. We deserve JUSTICE.

I hope my words and timeline will help clarify what has happened, who is involved, and what action must be taken to protect our health and freedom.

My name is Dr. Steven Hatfill. I am a specialist physician, recognized Virologist, Biological Weapons expert and I worked as an outside advisor to the Executive Office of the President of the United States from February 2020 through the inaugural transition period of 2021. My statements are not speculation because I had a front-row seat from the very beginning of the pandemic. My subsequent published papers and articles have been painstakingly referenced and fact-checked.

Some will tell you this is just another conspiracy theory, so I ask you to read on and judge for yourselves.


1. 2005 — the United States creates its first-ever National Pandemic Plan, outlining the actions to combat a serious respiratory viral disease pandemic. This is based on the previous Biological Weapons Improved Response Plan.

2. 2008 — President Obama closes the White House Global Health Security Office.

3. 2013 — after the SARS and MERS outbreaks, Chinese virologists collect hundreds of samples from bats for study at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Collaborative research begins on the Coronaviruses, including Gain Of Function (GOF) experiments (research which involves increasing the capacity of a pathogen to cause illness) in China and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

4. 2014 — The West Africa Ebola virus outbreak occurs. Dr. Anthony Fauci MD promotes a single layer of gloves for nursing Ebola patients and other inadequate protective measures. His instructions endanger the lives of health care workers, and national guidelines for protection must be urgently updated.

5. 2014 — United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) ban GOF research. The ban was implemented for 2014–2017.

6. 2015 — Chinese virologists and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conduct unauthorized GOF experiments on coronaviruses.

7. 2017 — The 2005 Health and Human Services’ (HHS) National Pandemic Plan is updated. The specific responsibilities of local authorities, states, and the federal government have been clearly stated. The national plan is to use early, outpatient antiviral drug treatment, home quarantine, and case contact tracing to cover the “vaccine gap” (the time needed to develop a vaccine to combat any pathogen).

8. December 2019 — Chinese authorities report the first outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan. On January 21, the first recognized case of COVID-19 occurs in the United States.

9. February 2020 — Dr. Steven Hatfill MD, a specialist physician and recognized Virologist, is brought into the White House as an outside medical advisor.

Some members of the COVID-19 Task Force are considering the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a safe and effective FDA-approved drug, to control the rapidly spreading pandemic. The drug proves to prevent hospitalization if taken when early symptoms of COVID-19 arise. The drug is cost-effective at 60 cents per tablet with COVID-19 treatment consisting of 11 tablets taken over five days. The FDA considers HCQ to be a safer drug than Tylenol.

10. March 23, 2020 — The Director of BARDA, (Biological Advanced Research Development Authority) Rick Bright Ph.D., is instructed by his superiors to work with the FDA to establish an Investigational New Drug (IND) authorization for HCQ. The next day, the Director of Drug Evaluation and Research at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Dr. Janet Woodcock MD, contacts Rick Bright at BARDA.

11. March 24, 2020 — Dr. Woodcock wrongly advises Bright that HCQ is a dangerous drug requiring a EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). Its use should be limited to hospitalized patients. Bright and Dr. Woodcock promote this course of action,

despite the early clinical data showing HCQ was the most effective in outpatients if given early during the initial infection, effectively eliminating hospitalization. The FDA issues a EUA for HCQ — for hospital use only.

· In a legal document, Rick Bright makes a blatant admission of insubordination to multiple layers of leadership, including the White House, HHS Secretary Azar, and Dr. Robert Kadlec, MD, the Assistant HHS Secretary for Preparedness and Readiness.

· Bright states the following in his Whistleblower Complaint: “…instead of a Nationwide Expanded Access IND protocol. Implementing the EUA was a compromise position, to rein in HHS leadership’s initial campaign to make the drugs available to the public outside of a hospital setting

Question: When is it ever acceptable to “compromise” public health during a rampaging pandemic?

12. April 4, 2020 — Dr. Anthony Fauci MD, the member of the COVID-19 Task Force responsible for informing the President of the best course of action for pandemic control, appears to be unaware of the National Pandemic Plan. In a heated White House Situation Room meeting, Dr. Fauci refused to consider the use of HCQ for COVID-19 treatment. He dismisses the ever-accumulating HCQ efficacy reports from China, South Korea, and France as simply “anecdotal.”

13. April 22, 2020 — Rick Bright is fired as BARDA Director for his insubordination. Before his dismissal, he falsely informed the press that HCQ is a dangerous drug.

14. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID, who is not a virologist, disregards the National Pandemic Plan, which included outreach programs with physicians using HCQ for outpatient treatment and prevention to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control.

Dr. Fauci brushes off the accumulating evidence and diverts millions of federal funds into a program to test and manufacture an experimental drug named Remdesivir.

Remdesivir must be administered via IV and can only in the hospital. Instead of early community treatment, as prescribed in the original pandemic plan. Dr. Fauci changes the plan to promote “Societal Lockdowns” and push the development of highly experimental mRNA vaccines by multinational pharmaceutical corporations.

NOTE: Members of Fauci’s Covid-19 treatment panel have ties to Gilead Sciences, Inc. (Foster City, CA), the company that holds the patent for Remdesivir.

15. May 16, 2020 — In Phase 1 clinical trials conducted by Gilead Sciences in cooperation with China and Japan, Remdesivir FAILED: no statistically clinical effect, with severe adverse reactions.”

NOTE: On October 16, 2020, the WHO concludes that Remdesivir is an ineffective drug and does not recommend its use to treat COVID-19.

16. May 20, 2020 — Shortly after becoming Senior Medical Advisor to the FDA Commissioner, Dr. Woodcock recused herself over future decisions concerning vaccines, citing a conflict of interest.

17. June 15, 2020 — Dr. Fauci ignores the data that HCQ works if the drug is administered during the first five days of infection. Its EUA is revoked, despite the overwhelming evidence of its effectiveness. The FDA claims that HCQ is causing fatal heart rhythms in hospitalized patients when the COVID-19 virus itself is the cause.

18. June 29, 2020 — Dr. Fauci recommends a 1.6-billion-dollar purchase of Remdesivir despite the drug’s Phase 1 failure in China.

Question: Why did Dr. Fauci discredit HCQ, leaving us defenseless, and order 1.6 billion dollars of an ineffective and toxic drug?

NOTE: Dr. Fauci’s actions pave the way for the fast-track development of experimental mRNA vaccines (and their subsequent patents), which can only receive a EUA if no other approved & effective medicines, like outpatient HCQ.

19. After widespread lockdowns and millions of global deaths, the experimental mRNA vaccines are granted a EUA and released to the public. As of the date of this letter, the pandemic still prevails, and there is no FDA approved outpatient treatment for COVID-19.


a. The actions of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Janet Woodcock, and Rick Bright, Ph.D., must be independently investigated, and they must be held accountable.

b. All conflicts of interest and the interactions between government officials and pharmaceutical companies, including the publication of faulty research papers in respected medical journals, must be investigated, and they must be held accountable.

c. Immediately reinstate HCQ as an FDA-approved drug for COVID-19.

d. The U.S. Pandemic Plan must be immediately reinstated as initially crafted.

e. Establish an outside independent United States Pandemic Response Department, with board powers including oversight.

On June 2, 2021, the distribution of my content was canceled by PR NEWSWIRE, and I have been banned from further distribution. Their action is a brazen attempt to censor and block the true story and silence our voice as citizens.


1. Contact your local, state, and federal representatives and demand answers. They would have you believe that you serve them, but you employ them. Hold them accountable.

2. Cancel biased media subscriptions. Your money fuels their disinformation campaigns.

3. Read the references for this letter and the complete uncensored and referenced articles at

Please ACT NOW, and together we can create a better future for America and the world.


Dr. Steven J. Hatfill

© 2021 DR. STEVEN HATFILL; PCEN MEDIA INC., all rights reserved


„Professor Antonietta Gatti examined various PCR test swabs and analysed their ingredients. The results showed that they are made of tough materials and contain a large number of nano-particles including silver, aluminum, titanium, and glass fibres. All of which are not declared on the PCR test package insert.

According to the Professor if these fibres get stuck in the mucous membranes they can cause severe wounds and inflammation. Mucous membranes that are no longer intact can no longer fulfill their role of fending off viruses, bacteria and fungi before they reach the airways. The germs penetrate the respiratory tract without any immune filter.

In the laboratory, Professor Gatti used electron microscopy (ESEM and EDS) to analyse various types of swabs, which are used to collect human organic material for PCR diagnostics, in order to check the morphology and chemical composition.“

Full analysis:


Websites reporting real vaccine effects to real people: (just add a page number)

Table shows UK latest adverse reactions and fatalities reported to and disclosed by the MHRA to 6th October (released by the MHRA on 15th October 2021) for just the Moderna injectionsModerna injections account for just 2.9% of all UK injections administered but 4.4% of all injuriesLink to data:

A father was forced to take the law into his own hands when a pedo had kidnapped and raped his 11 year old son

Our liberal courts are filled with pedos, deviants and Satan worshipers that create an atmosphere that caused this man to do what he knew the courts wouldn’t.

Interesting results of the vaxed VS the un vaxed. This is NOT good for those who got the jab.

Narrative destroying UK data released overnight.

Yet again the data shows the exact opposite of lies of Big Govt, Big Pharma & Big Media.

Adults over 30, are MORE LIKELY to have Covid if they’ve been ‘double dosed’.

And in the 40, 50, 60 and 70 year-old age bracket, you are more than 100% MORE LIKELY to have Covid if you’ve been ‘doubly dosed’.

On this data, we need ‘non-vaccinated passports’ because it’s the unvaccinated that are less likely to have Covid.

And I wonder if our breakfast TV shows reported these facts today ?

HCQ can be replaced with an osmotic protectant and penetrant

Organic (TMG) TriMethylGlycine which is extracted from sugar beets penetrates every cell within the body within minutes which is what HCQ is designed for but hard to find. HCQ is a delivery system for zinc and other products you need in your cells quickly.

It carries whatever you take with it like zinc and often congestion is gone within a very short time and oxygen levels increase.

If you are I’ll will any respiratory illness I’d give it a try. For me, I was able to breathe much better within 30 minutes when taking it with <50 mg of zinc.

Taking more at one time has zero extra value but taking it 3-4 times per day is of benefit as your body can only use so much at one time. Space out about 4 hours between dosages or if congestion returns.

Disclaimer; I’m not a doctor but a simple user with an anecdotal experience.

Petitions in Australia.



Petitions as at 12oct21


For anyone concerned on your future privacy and your rights…

Here are 15 relevant, current petitions closing at

midnight Wed 27oct21

🔸Remember to confirm each one before signing the next one, or your signature will not be valid.


Petitions EN3285 and EN3375 already have tens of thousands of signatures:

* Freedom of choice – Covid Vaccine

* Adopt Rapid Antigen Testing

* NO Vaccine Passport / National ID card

* End lockdowns, covid 19 principalities & campaigns, open borders

* Terminate the Covid19 Biosecurity Emergency

* Reject Biosecurity Ammendment Bill 2021

* Reject the Doherty Institute report

* NO COVID-19 Health Pass!

* Freedom of Vaccine Choice in Australia

* No vaccination passports or anything similar Australia wide.

* Stop Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccinations and Passports in Australia

* No to vaccine passports

* AHPRA edict silencing health practitioners


* The Ivermectin Ban – an authoritarian threat to Public Health


A very disturbing interview about how the government may try to create a breakout in schools to seize your children.

Normally, this would be a nut ball conspiracy except, the government just said they are trying to vax your children without your permission or knowledge

Joe and Jill went up the hill without their masks. We need to see the tumbling after.