Recall Walz

This is positively, the worst Governor in Minnesota’s history.

He ordered infected people into nursing homes and these murders are now +65.5% are attributed to this choice.

He ignores science while quoting none of it in detail because it would prove that ZERO cases have been tracked to Theaters, .003 cases in Heath clubs and ZERO in water (but he closed the pools anyway), less than 1.7% in bars or restaurants and of course, no studies on large big box stores.

Outside of the nursing homes murders, we have a +70% infection from staying at home and have small social gatherings but still he’s not going to discuss numbers that would destroy his monarchy.

He’s made us lock down then went to Florida on vacation and when he came back he visited a Wisconsin bar and was thrown out. All of which he denied of course as his lordship should not be questioned.

Now, we have a 10 year business down for the count. Suicide rates are skyrocketing. Bankruptcies, Evictions are ignored but the loan payments for that building are in arrears and soon foreclosures. Divorce, violence, burning, looting and murdering are the norm with liberal Hollywood bailing out the perpetrators and liberal prosecutors refusing to press charges.

All to stop a disease the governor would not allow HCQ to be given to anyone outside of his inner circle who DID get it. But, it was unsafe for the rest of us.


Politicalization of COVID to seize power

We must think of what is going to happen if we don’t stop these socialists right here and now.

Will you still have a job? Will the job be what they say ‘you’ will do.

Everyday we see our freedoms removed and the liberal population activated to report and to confront for not conforming to the socialist agenda.

Conservatives are doxed, families threatened, licenses pulled, businesses destroyed, etc.

At what Point is ‘your’ trigger? As Reagan said ‘a recession is when your neighbor loses their job. A depression is when you lose yours’.

I sympathize with your dilemma however, as you see, it’s clearly coming to a head within weeks. To where will you run?

I chose to take a stand now.

If you are completely unable to join us at the capital every Saturday at noon, will you help pressure our elected officials to do what is right?

If so, I have all their emails of which I contribute my thoughts frequently and now this site.

My message is clear!

I insist they obey their oath of office and stop this insane lockdown designed to destroy, by Walz own words, 60% of all small businesses before he stops. (Meeting with the senate and house)

Our numbers have now exceeded those of our neighboring states that have no lockdown. Our suicide rates have increased dramatically, depression, violence, alcoholism, loneliness, etc.

Is this what ‘life’ is to be? Is this acceptable to you?

It’s time to choose to live or die. HCQ and Zinc was vilified because our president recited the results from a small study in France that it worked 100 of 100 times with zero side effects.

Our supreme socialist leaders told us a decades old drug that was always safe is now going to kill you.

Governor Walz ordered the infected into nursing homes knowing as any sane person would, this would kill scores of them.

With this he was able to secure his ‘executive’ powers and his supreme rule over his subjects. Think about what I’ve said and join us in anyway possible.