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Minnesota Voter Fraud and how easy it is. Tim Tebow and Tom Brady to vote in Minnesota

Trump gives surprise statement that’s driving the media wild. The calm before the storm! ❤️❤️❤️


Remember who and what is being inaugurated on the 20th. It’s time to wake up. Having said that DO NOT show up to protest because it’s a setup by ANTIFA, BLM and the liberals to make it more publicly acceptable to arrest us and destroy us.


Remember this when liberals say how high and mighty they are.


January 13th 2021



UPDATE — Hearing Monday on obtaining ballot access


Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities … because it is the quality which guarantees all others. Winston Churchill

Dear Friends…. 

       In this essential election season … let us strive to avoid ENMITY … and be examples of CIVILITY … as we focus on FACTS and true PRINCIPLES … and TEACH with kindness … and PRAY for America and the RULE OF LAW which is being sorely tested. 

            Mr. Trump was elected to Fight the “UNI-PARTY” of DEMS and GOP RINOS that turned D.C. into a corrupt SWAMP.  The fight continues…. 

            The DEMS and GOP RINOS have blockedPUBLIC FORENSIC AUDITS of ballots in Rogue States… Why? 

            The DEMS and GOP RINOS have blockedPUBLIC FORENSIC AUDITS  of the infamous DOMINION machines (except in MI where the expert analysis revealed massive election fraud and corruption).  Why? 

            The DEMS and GOP RINOS have blockedFULL State Legislature meetings with VOTES TO DECERTIFY the fraudulent elections. Why won’t they gather, Debate and Vote on the record? 

            No competent, honest Congressional official (House or Senate) could possibly vote to certify such a fraudulent, corrupt, election process— does anyone believe Americans will give up their national integrity and the Rule of Law without a fight? 

            Are we moving toward an ILLEGAL, TYRANNICAL, ILLEGITIMATE Governmentempowered by a Fraudulent, Stolen Election, the failure of the Rule of Law, and increasingly dangerous Civil Unrest as the Media and Social Media continue to engage in a Disinformation and Censorship Campaign? 

             If the GOP fails to Stop the Steal — or Fails to even obtain proper PUBLIC Forensic Audits in ALL Contested States BEFORE JAN 6th — will the GOP party collapse?   If the GOP fails to stop the steal it will NOT survive as a national political party. 

            Please GO TO D.C. on Jan 6th if you CAN and join the Stop the Steal Rally.  

            Please ACT and SEND messages phone calls, emails, letters, etc to Congress demanding the ROGUE STATE votes be DE-certified and the HOUSE elect the President by State Delegation as the Constitution requires.  (See Congressional contact info below: See sample email below ). 

Very best wishes and prayers for America, 

RC Barden 

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

— Benjamin Franklin 

“There is no way that a reasonable person could vote to certify these fraudulent elections” 

— Congressman Mo Brooks  See,  https://www.newsmax.com/politics/mobrooks-electionfraud-senator-electors/2020/12/17/id/1002141/

Rep. Mo Brooks: “Some Senators are Shaking in their Foxholes”

RCB NOTE: We have ONE week to prevent years of massive civl unrest and an illegitimate government in America. Irrefutable evidence continues to pour in that the election in WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, NV and other states suffered massive, systemic FRAUD that FLIPPED the outcome.  

        Please watch and share these two essential VIDEOS.  

        PART ONE:  Clear Proof of Fraud via data analysis —   It is now clear that massive, systemic fraud stole the election in multiple states … the evidence is overwhelming, increasing, and UNrebutted.   See the latest— Georgia Election Data Analysis PROVES Tens of Thousands of Votes Fraudulently Switched From Trump to Biden: Data Scientists  (this happened in EVERY STATE using DOMINION machines) 


          PART TWO:  The CURE  — CONSTITUTIONAL ANALYSIS Explained; What Will Happen on Jan 6th ?


 2020 Election Investigative Documentary: Who’s Stealing America?


Mark Levin Note:  Will the GOP survive this week? Will the Constitution survive this week?  

            THIS WEEK — “On January 6, We Learn Whether Our Constitution Will Hold

            January 6 is the day we learn whether our Constitution will hold and whether congressional Republicans care.

            The 2020 presidential election was, in several targeted battleground states, an unconstitutional electoral exercise. Even putting aside the evidence of significant fraud, virtually none of which received a hearing by our courts, events leading up to and including the November national election constituted a radical and grave departure from the federal electoral systemadopted by the framers of the Constitution and the state ratification conventions. Now, let’s be clear: None of this matters to the Democrat Party, since it and its surrogates perpetrated these unconstitutional acts, as I shall soon explain. Nor does it matter to the media, which is utterly illiterate on the subject and unequivocally supports the supposed outcome in any event. But it should be of great moment and concern to the people of this country and especially to congressional Republicans in both Houses, for if the latter do not at least confront and challenge this lawlessness on January 6, when Congress meets to count the electors, it will be the GOP’s undoing and, simultaneously, the undoing of our presidential electoral system. Ultimately, it will be the people of the United States who love our republic who will be the losers.

            Win, lose, or draw, on January 6, the Republicans must not act as if “the people have spoken” and be cowered into passivity or worse, such as joining the Democrat Party and media hecklers, by insisting that they are part of a lawless party seeking to “reverse the results of the election.” Too many Republicans have already buckled, including the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, Sen. John Thune, and Rep. Adam Kinzinger. No doubt others who are unreliable and cowardly when facing the organized mob will follow. But let us not be judged by those who have intentionally and strategically manipulated our politics and the law to undermine our constitutional order. It is they who must be condemned.

— Mark Levin

“Any Republican that votes to certify the fraudulent vote count, this will be their last term in office… The American people will not forget”

— Bernard B. Kerik

“I Don’t See How Any Good Christian Can Certify a Fraudulent Election” 

– Sidney Powell

Historic levels of GASLIGHTING CONTINUE  (ie. gaslighting is a pattern of deceit, misdirection, misinformation, manipulation, and control of information designed to deceive ).   

            Bannon News Site = https://bannonswarroom.com/

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PREPARE TO FIGHT THE COMING WAVE OF INSANITY: Democrat Rules Package for the 117th Congress Proposes Removing ‘Gendered’ TermsLike ‘Father,’ ‘Mother,’ ‘Son,’ and ‘Daughter’ from US Law   https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/insanity-democrat-rules-package-117th-congress-proposes-removing-gendered-terms-like-father-mother-son-daughter/


            At Least 140+ Republican House Members are now Expected to Challenge Biden Electors… three days ago it was less than 10 !! 


            RCB NOTE:  Any GOP official, Rep, or Sen who votes for or supports the MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD is politically doomed. Every. Single. One. Including and especially Mike Pence.  They must all choose to be a Hero or a Coward — there is nowhere to hide. 


        “ A forensic audit of Dominion Voting Systemsmachines and software in Michigan showed that they were designed to create fraud and influence election results.

       “We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results,” Russell Ramsland Jr., co-founder of Allied Security Operations Group, said in a preliminary report.

     “The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail. This leads to voter or election fraud. Based on our study, we conclude that The Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan. We further conclude that the results of Antrim County should not have been certified,” he added.

         Ramsland, a former Reagan administration official who has worked for NASA, and others from the group examined Dominion products in Antrim County as part of an ongoing case.

Pennsylvania State Lawmakers Urge McConnell and McCarthy to CONTEST PA Election Results

        A group of 27 Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers on Dec. 30 penned a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), calling on them to dispute the Pennsylvania electionresults until an investigation is conducted into numerous claims of fraud.

       Pointing to allegations of fraudulent activity and violations of election law, the lawmakers said in the letter that their effort has “nothing to do with overturning any election results, but rather ascertaining if the allegations of fraud corrupted the outcome of the vote.”

       “There are simply too many questions that remain unanswered to say that the results can be trusted and therefore the certification is premature, and the results must be disputed until an investigation is completed,” wrote the group, comprised of eight Pennsylvania state senators and 19 state representatives.



            Members of PA House and Senate Write Letter to McConnell and McCarthy to Dispute Fraudulent Election Results After 205,000 Bogus Votes Discovered




            Arizona Citizens Investigation Discovers Thousands of Phantom Voters in State – Up to 30% of Addresses in Investigation Were Fraudulent… they found bogus votes from… 

  • Voters that are dead, verified no longer at that address
  • Several with the actual name “Unknown Voter”
  • Registered at commercial addresses, especially Church’s Chicken
  • Non-U.S. Citizens who denied voting
  • Felons who stated they can’t vote, others in jail for years
  • Out of State residents who just don’t live in Arizona
  • Registered using Schools, car lots, and sports arena’s addresses
  • Using the AZ Tabulation Center & Recorders Office as their address
  • Vacant lots at elderly villages (55 & over) and undeveloped properties
  • Wilderness addresses on Bureau of Land Management & State Trust land
  • Abandoned homes completely unlivable or boarded up
  • Street names that just do not exist in any Arizona records

            Citizens Investigation held a Live press conference on Dec. 30th at the AZ State Capitol to release some findings and solicit more help (To volunteer just text 480-313-3924).

            They found most AZ residents are horrified that a stranger or strangers have registered to vote using their home address. Several homeowners received multiple ballots (3, 4, 5), with one who received 20 ballots at their home. One business address received 200 ballots and one AZ address was falsely used by 2,012 people who registered to vote. Within the first few days the Citizens Investigation had a couple hundred affidavits that 2020 votes were not associated with their registered address. Among other things, Piton found one corner lot has 1,500 registered votersand the lot next to it has 1,000. It’s beyond suspicious that 2,500 voters are registered to such a small area of land.


Watch and Share!  

       EVIDENCE = Giuliani in Georgia Senate Hearing on Election Fraud


Broad population-wide lockdowns are such a dramatic inversion of the concept of liberty in a free society as to be nearly presumptively unconstitutional.”

— Federal judge William Stickman IV invalidating some of Pennsylvania’s COVID lockdown restrictions

Thomas Sowell — Dismantling America ( predictions and warnings of 10 yrs ago! )


How the Media and Big Tech Rigged the 2020 Election for Joe Biden 


Sidney Powell: ‘Every Republican’ Should Stand Up for Trump if the ‘RNC Hopes to Survive’


Patriots are gathering for the historic Rally in DC on Jan 6:      

         “I think if we don’t save our republic now, I don’t know when we can,” said Amelia, of Fenton, Michigan. “I’ve never served in the military, but I feel like I’m right now in the military,” said Shawn, of Knoxville, Tennessee. “ I’m going to fight for my country. I think we all feel that way. We’re going to get boots on the ground.”

       “If America falls, then the rest of the free world is going to fall to socialism and communism.”“America is the last stand for freedom,” he said. “That’s what I truly believe, and that’s why I’m going there on Jan. 6. It’s a serious thing for me.”

Trump’s Top 10 Accomplishments of 2020  BySteve Cortes

            This year has been dominated by the pain and suffering thrust upon the globe by the criminal acts of the Chinese Communist Party. Even amid these harsh challenges, President Trump persevered to reach historic achievements. Therefore, as the year draws to its conclusion, it is worth detailing his 2020 accomplishments, as I have previously catalogued for each of the lastthree years.

  1. The Vaccine. Millions of Americans have begun the process of inoculation, leading to an eventual reality where COVID-19 becomes a bad memory. The speed of this achievement defied skeptics and amazed scientists everywhere. Along with the brilliant government researchers and innovative private sector pharmaceutical companies, President Trump deserves enormous credit for his inspiring leadership of Operation Warp Speed.
  2. Broadening the Nationalist Movement. The “America First” uprising pre-dated Trump’s entry into politics, with roots in the Tea Party cause. But the movement found its indispensable leader in Trump. Not content with his upstart victory of 2016, Trump massively broadened the movement, in every sense. Geographically, Trump gained vote share in each of America’s four largest cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston) in 2020 vs. 2016. He added 500,000 raw new votes in Los Angeles County alone. Among the 11 million new voters rallying to Trump’s candidacy were millions of Latinos, as the president split the Hispanic vote inFlorida and gained 10 percentage points over 2016 to earn 40% of the Hispanic vote inTexas. Under Trump’s leadership,  in 2020 the America First cause morphed into a large, sustainable, multi-ethnic, cross-racial workers’ movement.  
  3. Abraham Accords. For the first time in a quarter-century, Arab nations agreed to normalized relations with Israel. President Trump harnessed diplomacy combined with toughness toward Iran to forge truly historic new ties in the region. The 2020 agreement among Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain represents a massive breakthrough, one that encouraged similar pacts with Morocco and Sudan.  
  4. Economic Recovery. The rally from the spring lockdown lows defied all predictions, and included massive surges in home and automobile sales, as pickup truck purchasessoared to all-time highs. The U.S. economic performance was the envy of the advanced world. The U.S. stock market roared back far higher than the indices of Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Simply put, in 2020 the United States was an island of growth amid an economically stagnant world.
  5. The Wall. Contrary to the media narrative, considerable progress has been made in building the president’s controversial border barrier, despite constant obstructionism from both Congress and the courts – and the unrelenting hostility of the press. Some 423new miles of impressive border walling now stand guard at our southern border. Officials of Customs and Border Protection make itclear that the wall plus Trump’s “remain-in-Mexico” asylum policy regained control of our previously lawless border region.
  6. Trade Agreements. For decades, our government pursued disastrous trade deals at the behest of K Street lobbyists, benefiting foreign nations plus the top executives of American multinationals, regardless of the harm to American workers. Donald Trump won the presidency vowing to fix these untenable trade structures, and in 2020 he signed the USMCA pact with our neighbors Mexico and Canada, a material improvement over the outdated and unfair NAFTA championed by bipartisan globalists. This success led to the Phase Two agreement with China as well, continuing the process of holding Beijing to account for its massive abuses of America via product dumping, industrial espionage, and a dearth of trade reciprocity.
  7. Afghan Peace Deal. This commander-in-chief pursued an America First foreign policy of realism and restraint. It paid off. As made clear by the December 2019 bombshell “Afghanistan Papers,” published by the Washington Post, Trump’s predecessors misled our citizens while wasting precious American lives and treasure during that pointless two-decade war. Trump is winding down such adventurism and reached a historic peace deal with the Taliban in 2020. Despite howls from the “America Everywhere” foreign policy establishment inside the D.C. Beltway, Trump’s deal to end the Afghan war has won rare, broad, bipartisan support among voters.
  8. Striking Down Terrorists. Instead of wasteful and unsuccessful mass invasions or grandiose commitments to “nation-building,” this president used surgical strikes to eradicate threats to our security. After America’s successful hit against ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2019, the 2020 strike against Iranian military leader and terrorism exporter Qasem Soleimani eliminated perhaps the most dangerous terrorist in the Middle East. Soleimani directly engineered the slaughter of American troops in Iraq, and he met instant justice courtesy of American missiles in an attack ordered by an intrepid commander-in-chief.
  9. Space Force. The first new branch of the U.S. military in decades, President Trump showcased his vision as an unpredictable political leader in establishing Space Force as the sixth U.S. military branch as part of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. America now stands as the only country with an independent, dedicated military space force. Such foresight highlights Trump’s willingness to think in unconventional ways.
  10. March for Life. Donald J. Trump became the first U.S. president to attend the annual massive pro-life march in Washington, solidifying his stature as the most pro-life president in American history. In so doing, he fulfilled campaign promises to protect unborn life as well as religious liberty. The president boldly declared that “every child is a precious and sacred gift from God.”

At home and abroad, President Trump proved that there is, indeed, method to his madness. Though his unorthodox and sometimes frenetic approach confounds his critics, Trump’s disruptive leadership remained highly effective in 2020, even as our country and his administration faced many unwelcome challenges. Whatever the future holds for him, the 45th U.S. president compiled a record of achievement over these last four years that is impressive and historic.

The Year In Which Comforting American Myths Were Ravaged

        “Perhaps the biggest myth crushed in 2020 was that Americans’ constitutional rights are safeguarded by the Bill of Rights. … 

            The Rule of Law is another myth impaled by 2020’s dire developments.  … Federal judge William Stickman IV invalidated some of Pennsylvania’s COVID restrictions in a September ruling: “Broad population-wide lockdowns are such a dramatic inversion of the concept of libertyin a free society as to be nearly presumptively unconstitutional.”… 

            Another myth that 2020 obliterated was the notion that politicians spending more than a hundred billion dollars every year for science andpublic health would keep Americans safe. 

            Another myth that perished in 2020 was that social media and the Internet could be a powerful propellant of free information. 

            This year’s presidential election put a helluva dent in the credo that politicians rule with the “consent of the governed.”

            Perhaps the saddest casualty of 2020 is the myth that average Americans cherish their personal freedom.  As the Harvard International Review warned, “The very methods that liberal democracies are currently using to effectively fight the virus are the same tactics that authoritarian leaders use to dominate their people. The tools that have been temporarily deployed in the fight against a once-in-a-lifetime disease may become permanent.” That was written on May 23, more than 15 million Covid cases ago – proof of the failure of lockdowns and pervasive restrictions to make Covid-19 vanish. But the miserable batting average of officialdom will vanish into the Memory Hole if politicians launch a campaign to make Covid vaccinations mandatory, complete with boundless vilification of anyone who balks at the injection. 

        Perhaps it has long been a myth that we live in a self-governing republic rather than a Leviathan Democracy where citizens merely make cameo appearances every few years at the voting booth. It is still possible that the catastrophic and pointless losses imposed by Covid crackdowns will finally awaken enough people to their growing subjugation. But the most dangerous myth is that Americans will finally become safe after they cease making any efforts to leash their rulers.”

— Tyler Durden   https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/year-which-comforting-american-myths-were-ravaged


            HISTORIC MARCH in D.C. on JAN 6th:  The GOP will Stop the Steal or all who vote for Corrupt Electors from ROGUE STATES will doom their political careers. 

            See,  www.marchfortrump.com We need all we can get there. January 6th – TRUMPMARCH.com

            Rogue States cannot be permitted to STEAL ELECTIONS from the law abiding States. 

HISTORY WILL BE MADE on JAN 6th — one way or the other: 

            Will the GOP fight tooth and nail for Election Integrity and the Constitution OR will we see droves of GOP cowards end their political careers? 


Remember that Presidents Truman, Nixon, and George W. Bush left office with approval ratings in the 20s — TWENTIES. IN SHARP CONTRAST, Trump’s approval rating is very steady and remains near the high 40s, where it has been for the duration of his presidency (higher than Obamas). Over 52% of GOP folks now say that want Trump to run for President in 2024, and 2nd place is Mike Pence at only 12% and No other Republican is even above 5%.

 – Parents should get the Tax money to obtain education for THEIR children as THEY see fit : 

            More Evidence That Our Education System Is Completely Broken by John Hinderaker

            The Council of Chief State School Officers hands out an annual, national “Teacher of the Year” award. Last year it went to Rodney Robinson, a social studies teacher in Richmond, Virginia. The publicity was all positive–that is, unless you understand what is going on. Robinson called on social media for VIOLENCE against folks who disagree with him. 

            After many criticized his call to political VIOLENCE, Robinson deleted his tweet… 
            If you think this is a freakish occurrence, you are out of touch. The public schools are a cess pit of leftism, not infrequently including leftist incitement to violence. This kind of thing is taught in our schools every day, all across America, in red states as well as blue states. The public schools are dominated by the teachers’ unions, all of which are hard-left. Moreover, the public schools are generally incompetent, doing a horrible job of teaching our kids basic skills or imparting basic information.

            At this point, I think it would be better if all public K-12 education in America were canceled, and all tax revenues supporting public schools were returned to parents to do with as they see fit. The result could only be a massive improvement in our children’s education.

Essential – Videos: 

            Curtis Bowers: The Socialist Agenda Is Underway — 90 years in the Making of the Deep State- D.C. SWAMP. 



            Charlton Heston’s Wise Words on Political Correctness | Intellectual Takeout


      Listen to Charlton Heston warn Harvard Law School about COWARDICE in the defense of Freedom …  https://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/charltonhestonculturalwar.htm


            The Long Planned March of Marxist Revolution Comes to America

 …  https://patriotpost.us/articles/73531?mailing_id=5548&utm_medium=email&utm_source=pp.email.5548&utm_campaign=all_subscribers&utm_content=body




            The criminal actions of a few ROGUE STATES should not steal the votes of law abiding Americans.  If permitted to succeed, the election steal will produce a “race to the bottom” where States will begin to compete for Fraud/Corruption/Manipulation in future Elections. 

            See Contact info below for State and Federal officials. CALL! EMAIL! WRITE! PROTEST!  STOP the STEAL. 

ESSENTIAL — PLEASE RAISE YOUR VOICE — PLEASE review the List of Phone Numbers and other contact info below for CONGRESS – HOUSE And SENATE as well as STATE Legislators — please make their phones RING off the hook, send emails (a sample email below) and RAISE AWARENESS.  The principle is No justice = No peace.  

        A vote for the STEAL by any GOP official is a career ending act of cowardice =  We will support primary opponents and work tirelessly to DEFEAT ANYONE who votes for the treasonous Election Theft.   

CONTACT CONGRESSIONAL REPS NOW – DEMAND THEY ACT NOW:              https://www.contactingcongress.org/1-4-1-1-1/n/n?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=fightfortrump_contact_your_republican_senator_to_challenge_the_electoral_college&utm_term=2020-12-25


U.S. SENATORS:    TN Lamar Alexander423-752-5337 WY John Barrasso 307-261-6413 TN Marsha Blackburn 901-527-9199  MO Roy Blunt417-877-7814  AR John Boozman 501-372-7153  IN Mike Braun 317-822-8240 NC Richard Burr828-350-2437  WV Shelley Moore Capito304-347-5372  LA Bill Cassidy 318-448-7176  ME Susan Collins 207-622-8414  TX John Cornyn713-572-3337  AR Tom Cotton 501-223-9081  ND Kevin Cramer 701-232-5094  ID Mike Crapo208-334-1776  TX Ted Cruz  512-916-5834  MT Steve Daines 406-245-6822  WY Michael Enzi307-261-6572  IA Joni Ernst 515-284-4574  NE Deb Fischer 402-441-4600  CO Cory Gardner719-543-1324  SC Lindsey Graham 864-250-1417  IA Chuck Grassley 515-288-1145  MO Josh Hawley314-354-7060  ND John Hoeven 701-239-5389  MS Cindy Hyde-Smith 601-965-4459  OK James M Inhofe 405-208-8841  WI Ron Johnson414-276-7282  LA John Kennedy 504-581-6190  OK James Lankford 405-231-4941  UT Mike Lee801-524-5933  GA Kelly Loeffler 770-661-0999  KY Mitch McConnell 502-582-6304  KS Jerry Moran316-269-9257  AK Lisa Murkowski 907-271-3735  KY Rand Paul 270-782-8303  GA David Perdue404-865-0087  OH Rob Portman 513-684-3265  ID James Risch 208-342-7985  KS Pat Roberts785-295-2745  UT Mitt Romney 801-524-4380  SD Mike Rounds 605-224-1450  FL Marco Rubio305-596-4224  NE Ben Sasse 402-476-1400  FL Rick Scott 239-231-7890  SC Tim Scott 803-771-6112  AL Richard C. Shelby 334-223-7303  AK Dan Sullivan907-271-5915  SD John Thune 605-348-7551  NC Thom Tillis 704-509-9087  PA Patrick Toomey717-782-3951  MS Roger Wicker 601-965-4644  IN Todd Young 317-226-6700   MD Ben Cardin 202 224-4524

Contact your representatives in the House and the Senate and URGE them to challenge the Biden votes:

            GO HERE FOR A LIST OF US SENATOR CONTACTS:  From your cell phone call :  (202) 224-3121

            GO HERE FOR A LIST OF US CONGRESSMAN CONTACTS:   https://www.house.gov/representatives

or call  (202) 224-3121


          Here’s an email that you can copy and send as an email or call and read this letter like a radio script into the Voicemail :

Dear (Representative / Senator ) _______:  

            Like millions of my fellow Americans, I believe that All LEGAL votes should be counted but ILLEGAL votes should not be counted.  

            It is clear to me and millions of others that the 2020 election was tainted by unprecedented election fraud, illegally changed election rules, and corruption in the contested states of WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, and NV.  

            I urge you to do the right thing to Stop the Steal. During the January 6th joint session of Congress join in the CHALLENGE to all of the tainted ELECTORS from contested states.  

            I urge you to support NO electors from the failed, contested State election systems OR support the alternative electors voting for President Trump. Without the illegal counting of bogus votes Pres. Trump would easily have won re-election in those states. 

            It is up to you, in this historic moment, to do your constitutional dutyYou cannot certify obviously fraudulent electors from the tainted, rogue, contested state elections.

            If you FAIL to support the U.S. Constitution and if you FAIL to ACT to stop the blatant election fraud. I pledge to work tirelessly to defeat you and remove you from office. 

            Please do you duty and Stop the Steal on Jan 6th.  


(your name here)


RCB NOTE:  Too many Americans remain UNAWARE of the grave perils now facing America. 

            In 1860, Abraham Lincoln took an oath of office to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION.   In 1861, President Lincoln began to use federal powers to stop several ROGUE STATES from endangering the peace and survival of the Union.  

            In 2016, Donald J. Trump took an took an oath of office to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION.  In 2020, several ROGUE STATES engaged in brazen, criminal, and treasonous methods of Stealing A Presidential Election — thus endangering the peace and survival of the UNION.

            There has been NO  attempt to rebut — in full public debate in legislative hearings or in actual Court Hearings/Trials — the massive evidence (over 1,000 sworn statements, much video proof, multiple expert reports, etc) that MULTIPLE, RADICAL changes to State election rules-laws were made by Officials in several ROGUE STATES (not enacted by the State Legislatures as required by the CONSTITUTION).   ALL of these RADICALLY NEW election laws-rules changes benefitted Mr. Biden — and ALL of them were ILLEGAL and a clear violation of Equal Protection (only DEM jurisdictions/cities received the benefits of no signature verification, no birthdate checks, no citizenship checks, huge unguarded Ballot Boxes on street corners, the ILLEGAL backdating of tens of thousands of ballots by USPS, late ballots being ILLEGALLY counted anyway, GOP observers ILLEGALLY thrown out of the counting process, etc).  

            Further evidence proves that these ELECTION LAW VIOLATIONS were ignored by corrupt officials in a few ROGUE STATES.  20 STATES — led by Texas — sued to STOP the ROGUE STATES from stealing the election and endangering the survival of the Union but SCOTUS thinks this is a LEGISLATIVE PROBLEM.  In any event, Pres. Trump, like Pres. Lincoln, has a DUTY to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION — what will he do? 

            We are in UNCHARTED waters. We have NEVER seen anything like the level of ROGUE STATE criminal, treasonous misconduct in elections as we have seen in 2020.  

            If Mr Biden is permitted to Steal the 2020 election via the misconduct of a few ROGUE CRIMINAL STATES, then Free and Fair Elections in America are in DANGER as multiple States will rapidly ramp up and engage in a “race to the bottom” of ever more brazen fraud and corruption to STEAL elections with concomitant violations of the rights of citizens of other states. THIS STEAL CANNOT BE PERMITTED TO STAND and destabilize the Union. 

IF PERMITTED TO STEAL THE ELECTION … BIDEN-HARRIS are poised to attack the Constitution in Multiple Ways 

            — Freedom of Religion will be attacked – as traditional morality will be increasingly attacked as “hate speech”

            — Freedom of Speech will be attacked – as a tsunami of “hate speech” ideology will be rammed into the narrowing minds of Americans. 

            — Freedom of the Press will be attacked — as Information Controls will become even MORE tyrannical, censorious, vicious, and one-sided 

            — The 2nd Amendment will be attacked … will the increasingly cowardly SCOTUS do again? 

            — The brainwashing of US children from 1st Grade to Graduate school will accelerate rapidly with “Critical Race Theory”, “Systemic Racism”, “Evil America”,  and “Gender Fluid” SOVIET-Style training for everyone and NO debates permitted!  



            The GOP will Stop the Election Theft on JAN 6th or America faces years of increasing Civil Unrest. 


            Newt = “I have no interest in pretending that the current election result is legitimate or honorable. It is simply the final stroke of a four-year establishment-media power grab. It has been perpetrated by people who have broken the law,cheated the country of information, and smeared those of us who believe in America over China, history over revisionism, and the liberal ideal of free expression over cancel culture.   I write this in genuine sorrow, because I think we are headed toward a serious, bitter struggle in America. This extraordinary, coordinated four-year power grab threatens the fabric of our country and the freedom of every American.

— Newt Gingrich, Ph.D. 



DANGER:  The GOP will Stop the Election Theft on JAN 6th or America faces MASSIVE Civil Unrest and an ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT : 

            Newt Gingrich:  Why I will NOT accept Joe Biden as president – Washington Times…. “Unwillingness to accept election result grows out of a level of outrage unlike anything previously experienced” 

            Having spent more than four years watching the left #Resist President Donald Trumpand focus entirely on undoing and undermining the 2016 election, it took me several days to understand the depth of my own feelings.

            As I thought about it, I realized my anger and fear were not narrowly focused on votes. My unwillingness to relax and accept that the election grew out of a level of outrage and alienation unlike anything I had experienced in more than 60 years involvement in public affairs.

            The challenge is that I — and other conservatives — are not disagreeing with the left within a commonly understood world. We live in alternative worlds.

            The left’s world is mostly the established world of the forces who have been dominant for most of my life.

My world is the populist rebellion which believes we are being destroyed, our liberties are being cancelled and our religions are under assault. (Note the new Human Rights Campaign to decertify any religious school which does not accept secular sexual values — and that many Democrat governors have kept casinos open while closing churches though the COVID-19 pandemic.) We also believe other Democrat-led COVID-19 policies have enriched the wealthy while crushing middle class small business owners (some 160,000 restaurants may close).

            In this context, let’s talk first about the recent past and the presidency.

In 2016, I supported an outsider candidate, who was rough around the edges and in the Andrew Jackson school of controversial assaults on the old order. When my candidate won, it was blamed on the Russians. We now know (four years later) Hillary Clinton’s own team financed the total lie that fueled this attack.

            Members of the FBI twice engaged in criminal acts to help it along — once in avoiding prosecution of someone who had deleted 33,000 emails and had a subordinate use a hammer to physically destroy hard drives, and a second time by lying to FISA judges to destroy Gen. Michael Flynn and spy on then-candidate Donald Trumpand his team. The national liberal media aided and abetted every step of the way. All this was purely an attempt to cripple the new president and lead to the appointment of a special counsel — who ultimately produced nothing.

            Now, people in my world are told it is time to stop resisting and cooperate with the new president. But we remember that the Democrats wanted to cooperate with Mr. Trump so much that they began talking about his impeachment before he even took office. The Washington Post ran a story on Democrat impeachment plots the day of the inauguration.

            In fact, nearly 70 Democratic lawmakers boycotted his inauguration. A massive left-wing demonstration was staged in Washington the day after, where Madonna announced she dreamed of blowing up the White House to widespread applause. These same forces want me to cooperate with their new president. I find myself adopting the Nancy Pelosi model of constant resistance. Nothing I have seen from Mr. Biden since the election offers me any hope that he will reach out to the more than 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump.

            So, I am not reacting to the votes so much as to the whole election environment.

When Twitter and Facebook censored the oldest and fourth largest newspaper (founded by Alexander Hamilton) because it accurately reported news that could hurt Mr. Biden’s chances — where were The New York Times and The Washington Post?

            The truth of the Hunter Biden story is now becoming impossible to avoid or conceal. The family of the Democrat nominee for president received at least $5 million from an entity controlled by our greatest adversary. It was a blatant payoff, and most Americans who voted for Mr. Biden never heard of it — or were told before the election it was Russian disinformation. Once they did hear of it, 17% said they would have switched their votes, according to a poll by the Media Research Center. That’s the entire election.This massive and unprecedented censorship worked exactly as intended.

            Typically, newspapers and media outlets band together when press freedom is threatened by censorship. Where was the sanctimonious “democracy dies in darkness?” Tragically, The Washington Post is now part of the darkness.

            But this is just a start. When Twitter censors four of five Rush Limbaugh tweets in one day, I fear for the country.

            When these monolithic Internet giants censor the president of the United States, I fear for the country.

            When I see elite billionaires like Mark Zuckerburg are able to spend $400 million to hire city governments to maximize turnout in specifically Democratic districts — without any regard to election spending laws or good governance standards — I fear for the country.

            When I read that Apple has a firm rule of never irritating China — and I watch the NBA kowtow to Beijing, I fear for our country.

            When I watch story after story about election fraud being spiked — without even the appearance of journalistic due diligence or curiosity — I know something is sick.

            The election process itself was the final straw in creating the crisis of confidence which is accelerating and deepening for many millions of Americans.

            Aside from a constant stream of allegations of outright fraud, there are some specific outrages — any one of which was likely enough to swing the entire election.

            Officials in virtually every swing state broke their states’ own laws to send out millions of ballots or ballot applications to every registered voter. It was all clearly documented in the Texas lawsuit, which was declined by the U.S. Supreme Court based on Texas’ procedural standing — not the merits of the case. That’s the election.

            In addition, it’s clear that virtually every swing state essentially suspended normal requirements for verifying absentee ballots. Rejection rates were an order of magnitude lower than in a normal year. In Georgia, rejection rates dropped from 6.5% in 2016 to 0.2% in 2020. In Pennsylvania, it went from 1% in 2016 to .003% in 2020. Nevada fell from 1.6% to .75%. There is no plausible explanation other than that they were counting a huge number of ballots — disproportionately for Mr. Biden — that normally would not have passed muster. That’s the election.

            The entire elite liberal media lied about the timeline of the COVID-19 vaccine. They blamed President Trump for the global pandemic even as he did literally everything top scientists instructed. In multiple debates, the moderators outright stated that he was lying about the U.S. having a vaccine before the end of the year (note Vice President Mike Pence received it this week). If Americans had known the pandemic was almost over, that too was likely the difference in the election.

The unanimously never-Trump debate commission spiked the second debate at a critical time in order to hurt President Trump. If there had been one more debate like the final one, it likely would have been pivotal.

            This is just the beginning. But any one of those things alone is enough for Trump supporters to think we have been robbed by a ruthless establishment — which is likely to only get more corrupt and aggressive if it gets away with these blatant acts. For more than four years, the entire establishment mobilized against the elected president of the United States as though they were an immune system trying to kill a virus. Now, they are telling us we are undermining democracy.

            You have more than 74 million voters who supported President Trump despite everything — and given the election mess, the number could easily be significantly higher. The truth is tens of millions of Americans are deeply alienated and angry.

If Mr. Biden governs from the left — and he will almost certainly be forced to — that number will grow rapidly, and we will win a massive election in 2022.

            Given this environment, I have no interest in legitimizing the father of a son who Chinese Communist Party members boast about buying.Nor do I have any interest in pretending that the current result is legitimate or honorable. It is simply the final stroke of a four-year establishment-media power grab. It has been perpetrated by people who have broken the law, cheated the country of information, and smeared those of us who believe in America over China, history over revisionism, and the liberal ideal of free expression over cancel culture.

            I write this in genuine sorrow, because I think we are headed toward a serious, bitter struggle in America. This extraordinary, coordinated four-year power grab threatens the fabric of our country and the freedom of every American.


R. Christopher Barden, Ph.D., J.D.  rcbarden@mac.com   801-230-8328


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