Joe and Jill went up the hill without their masks. We need to see the tumbling after.

These 16 year olds life, ruined because of this faux vax

Deaths of those who are vaccinated exceed those of the unvaccinated for first time and accelerating from here.

This is why we need to unite and take over school boards. Their response to her reading the book THEY approved is be quiet children are present. 😳🤦‍♂️

Here comes 🤦‍♂️

A must watch on what has changed in what’s left of America since 9/11

St Cloud bankruptcy lawyer fires all conservatives and terminates partners

Wesley W. Scott liberalism is a mental disease

I suggest adopting the successful tactics of the Mn communist party and calling, nonstop, with inquiries on new business that goes nowhere.

Call, clog up his lines and staff. Keep everyone in your social media up to date and do the same.

Wesley W. Scott
Managing Partner
Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy
Direct #: (320) 258-7285
Office Location: St. Cloud, MN

Marines say an absolute NO to the covid vaccine – they dont want to die!

Rumble — Marines in this video show some common sense when asked if they want to take the covid 19 vaccine and offer the only logical answer to the question. Watch and share to raise the alarm.
To protect yourself from the vaccine pushers use a vaccine exemption document, get yours by sending an email at where you will receive full instructions
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How To Exit The Oligarch Systems of Control

The first step on the path to exiting the Enemy’s system of control is to realize that you’re in it. Every TV show, every movie, and every newscast is owned and controlled by a handful of companies. It’s the same story with the banks, the tech companies, and much more.

It’s a small club and you and I aren’t in it.

The interests of the people in this global cabal are not in serving you, in serving God, or in serving our country. Their interests are wicked and anti-human. Ultimately they are on a path to become immortal “gods” themselves as we rapidly approach a “post-human” world with the rise of transhumanism. Your time, data, and money are a means of control to their self-interested ends.

Greg Reese recently produced an excellent video on the propagandist roots of Netflix. I highly recommend you watch the video, bookmark it, and then share it with a friend.

The co-founder and first CEO of Netflix is Marc Bernays Randolph. His paternal great-uncle is Edward Bernays, the father of modern advertising who wrote a book called “Propaganda” about the use of advertising and public relations by the elite ruling class as a form of psychological manipulation on the masses.

Bernays believed that “invisible” people who “create knowledge and propaganda” rule over the masses with a monopoly on the power to shape thoughts, values, and citizen response.

Not surprisingly the very system he helped create hasn’t labeled him a “hateful and dangerous conspiracy theorist” for saying such things as it so regularly does to others who dare to point out the obvious.

Bernays is responsible for the ad campaign “torches of freedom” that influenced women to start smoking toxic cigarettes as a “symbol of liberation.” This campaign wasn’t simply about selling more cigarettes, it was about selling the idea of feminism to women, demonizing men, and breaking up the nuclear family.

The true motives of the propagandist are always cleverly disguised behind a veil of things like “capitalism,” “entertainment,” and “social justice.” It’s never about simply selling more products, entertaining you, or creating positive social change in the world. It’s about control. 

There is a reason why every Netflix show, every ad campaign, and every globohomo brand all push the same degenerate messaging. Have you ever watched a commercial and struggled to understand what product was actually being sold and to which audience? It’s not a product being sold to you, it’s an idea.

The overwhelming majority of advertising campaigns, “news,” “education,” and “entertainment” of today is anti-white, anti-family, anti-Christian, and anti-American. That’s the prevailing “idea” being pushed by this propaganda machine today.

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature can plainly see this, but why is it that we continue to allow these people to have control over our lives and time?

They are trying to manipulate you and your kids to shape your thoughts, values, and civic responses in a way that benefits them and consolidates their power structures. You are not only allowing it, you are paying them to do it.

This is one big reason that the ruling class elites of the Globalist American Empire attack Gab endlessly.

They do not control the information that millions of people see on Gab and it drives them absolutely insane. When they learned that they could not control Gab, they were set on destroying us and have been trying to do so for years now.

They did this by taking their entire propaganda machine and weaponizing it against us. They used their control over the news to demonize Gab in the mainstream media. They used their control over the technology and financial industry to deplatform Gab from payment processors, banks, hosting providers, app stores, and more. They used their political control to target and smear Gab in political circles. All of it failed and will continue to fail.

They did all of this not because they are afraid of me. They did this because they are afraid of you leaving their systems of control for greener pastures. If they lose your attention, data, and money they lose their control and influence over you.

How To Fight Back

The single most effective way for you to fight back against this machine is to exit it immediately. Cut the cable cord. Cancel the Netflix subscription. Stop buying Coke. Homeschool your kids. Delete your Facebook account.

You’d be amazed at what you can get done with all your extra time and money. Go the park with your kids. Workout. Buy bitcoin. Read a book. Go to church. Start a garden. Live your life.

I know it’s easy to feel hopeless (which is how they want you to feel) and it’s difficult to escape systems of control that you’ve been conditioned your entire life to view as safe, comforting, and informative. It’s not something that many people can do instantly all at once, but it’s a rather gradual process that builds over time.

Start small. Pick two Oligarch systems of control and eliminate them from your life for one month. One of the best things I can recommend is ending your mainstream news consumption completely (including Fox News.) If you can go one full month without watching the endless fear porn and propaganda on the mainstream media I promise you your life will be dramatically better.

These people want us all in a state of fear, anger, and despair, but all hope is not lost. The Silent Secession is well underway. Their systems of control are losing power rapidly thanks to the internet and bitcoin which is why they are investing all of their energy into online censorship and pushing their unified Communist propaganda machine into overdrive.

The time to wake up and exit their system is now and the first step starts with you saying “no.”

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King

Thomas Jefferson Founding Father and the third President of the United States: When the people are afraid of the government, that’s tyranny. But when the government is afraid of the people, that’s liberty.

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh contributor to Canada Free Press: Reality is being violently, deconstructed, replaced by a “woke,” “virtue signaling,” oppressive, repressive reality with its own Marxist agendas dictated by the Democrat Party, Billionaire oligarchs, Big Tech Technocrats

Communism is upon us. Patriots, stay tuned. It’s time for the GREAT AWAKENING’!

A letter to our legislators

When is enough, enough?

Our economy is destroyed and 600.00 isn’t going to fix 9 months without work.  Liberals are constantly confronting people over not wearing a mask that if works and they are wearing one, AND THEY BELIEVE IT WORKS, why do they have a need to confront people?

This week we have four well known restaurant owners who are desperately trying to survive.  Micky’s Diner, then others in Lakeville, East Grand Forks, and in Albert Lea.  I use these only as an example as countless others are desperate also.

Do we have gun hating liberals confronting and intending to kill people in LA Fitness, Maplewood? Is this the future we want?

We have citizens who have come to an end with the lies on COVID-19.  Yes, we understand it is dangerous and yes, precautions must be made however, Wisconsin Bars and Restaurants are filled with those loving liberals giving the fuzzy eyeball to people for not wearing masks when they themselves, support the lockdown, for others.

More of the ‘rules for thee but not, for me’ as we see more and more liberal’s leaving the state for vacations and a nice meal or a drink.

We have desperate people protesting outside of liberal legislators homes like Carlos Mariani who was, correct me if I’m wrong, supporting the BLM and ANTIFA peaceful gasoline and match filled protests.

Everyone needs to know just how close this state is to an armed rebellion as evidenced by the lunatic in the LA fitness, and potentially those close to losing EVERYTHING over a power hungry Governor and liberal legislators desperately seeking socialism using the AG as a weapon.

Do not take what I am saying lightly.  Ask your constituents how close they are to losing everything. Think, if all members of the House, Senate, Governor, AG and all those in the entire state employ are to join with us in ZERO income, loss of credit rating, evection, life’s dreams, maybe a collective misery like this level of socialism will appease everyone.  NOT!

The death count is in question as ~30% of all deaths recorded as COVID-19 wasn’t stated as the cause of death. Many of the others, were already dying and would be soon. Our suicide rates, violence in the homes, divorce, bankruptcy, depression, desperation has and is rapidly increasing.

The method of spread is already proven to occur in Small Business and certainly not any big box store. NOT!

We know that the Indian Casinos bars and restaurants are COVID-19 FREE! NOT!

Governor Walz is now going to relax the restrictions slightly.

This is not going to work.  It is going to add fuel to a growing movement that ALL government has failed the people and needs to be replaced.  We all know how this will be done if something isn’t done NOW.

I reach out to you today to publicly demand the unrestricted reopening of all businesses.  Those who are in fear, sick or at risk, stay home.  Those who wish to wear a mask, do so. We were a free country at one time. That is an obvious delusion everyone is now realizing. I beg of you to restore the constitution and fight this socialist state we currently have.

Thank you for your time,

Mark Miles

Minnesota Department of Health; 28.57% of COVID deaths don’t have COVID listed as the cause of death on the death certificate.

State lawmakers ask Trump for ‘full audit’ of COVID-19 death certificates – Alpha News (

This is another, in a long line of errant/fraudulent claims behind the death counts in Minnesota specifically designed to provide ‘just cause’ in Walz obtaining illegal executive powers and retaining them under false pretenses.

We MUST think and stop REACTING.  Remove Walz emergency powers and ReOpen Minnesota PLEASE!

Okay, lets discuss this shutdown.  I requested the science behind these select businesses being shut down.   Here’s some of the interesting facts.  

Theaters ZERO cases traced.

Health clubs.  .003 of all the visits, not members.

Bars and Restaurants most have ZERO tracible cases but an anecdotal trace amount of cases is being published as fact.

Now, here’s some very interesting numbers.  ~65.5% of all cases are in long term care facilities.  Walz ordered the infected to be put in these facilities.  

4,359 Reported deaths include those people with preexisting conditions (like me). My life expectancy was two weeks in August 2019.  I’m still here and stayed home, if I was out I wore a mask and plastic gloves.

Still got it and yes, it had me down for 35 days and two months mostly bedridden. Upon my visit to emergency I was refused HCQ because it was untested and dangerous.

However, Amy Klobuchar and family, multiple liberal legislators, high profile democrat donors and their family’s were able to receive this highly questionable and dangerous treatment.

Of the 5,262 deaths on record, (keep in mind ~28% did not have COVID on the death certificate as a cause of death but are included in this total) 3,394 were in long term care facilities that were intentionally infected by Walz when he ordered COVID positive patients inserted, into this extremely venerable population.

That leaves 1,868 people, a number of which have preexisting conditions, like me.

Minnesota’s total population 5,700,670.  This gives an effective risk of death exposure of ~.00032768078

Minnesota traffic deaths and injury’s in 2019 were 19,902 or .00349 or 10.65 times higher.

So, now we’ve also discovered that big business is safe, driving is safe and small business is the culprit for all the unsubstantiated total of actual deaths created by COVID. It’s also interesting to note that this year, 2020, has zero deaths published for the regular flu or pneumonia.

Listen, I’m thrilled we have a vaccine.  I do not take the virus lightly as my personal experience was a bit aggressive.  However, other topics that haven’t been spoken about is the incredible increase in suicide, death by loneliness, the increase in depression, domestic violence, the riots, the burning of our cities, would Floyd even have been dead?, the effect this has had on a increasingly gullible population into shaming people who don’t agree with them for not wearing a mask and if they are so afraid, why leave the house?  I didn’t!   

People accepted a muzzle and lockdown without question.  I did also, so I’m not pointing fingers. Right now, we have unemployment running out at the end of December.  Is it better to have families starve, be thrown out of their homes, lose their business or desire to be employed at all?

Where does this end? Is it when ZERO people die from anything? How easily are you becoming the famous, Stalin Chicken? (Joe plucked a live chicken, then fed it. It followed him everywhere why? Because after causing great physical and emotional stress, he followed who fed him regardless of what he had just done to him)

Here, our very own Stalin, King Walz, is doing the same thing to Minnesotan’s. In a meeting with the Senate he stated he was targeting 60% of all small businesses will cease to exist before he lifts the lockdown whereas “Casino restaurants have to be open because they need to generate revenue”, (Assistant AG defended the reservations right to stay open and stated that in court this past week.

It’s time to LIVE our lives and not die in fear of something that has proven to cause more problems that it has cured. 

One good thing about all this, its educated those idiots who don’t practice common sense hygiene of wash your hands and stay home when ill.


Thank you for your thoughtful consideration,

Ref; Situation Update for COVID-19 – Minnesota Dept. of Health (

Defy and Revolt

This site is created so information can be made available without censorship. We will strive to provide you with accurate information and action plans to help to restore the REPUBLIC to it’s former glory.

Our Politian’s, many of which have questionable backgrounds, incredulous bank accounts after an unreliable election system governed by the hold trinity of liberal corruption in Minnesota.

Many other states have the same issues as we do. Open fraud in elections, media that controls what you will see and thusly, believe, an unapologetic and blatantly corrupt Judiciary, a Governor, AG and SOS who are so arrogant they believe the people will succumb to their tyranny without a fight.

They close small businesses because they spread a virus while the Indian Casinos, Large Corporate box stores and others remain open.

Our self anointed King creates arbitrary rules that have no basis in facts or science like, we will open fitness centers but the pools are off limits, you can enter a business with a mask that allows the virus to pass right through without obstruction but can also capture the virus and you breathe in and out until you’ve got the proper infection in your lungs.

He supplied HCQ to Amy Klobachar and family, liberal elected officials’ and family, multiple liber donors and family but not anyone outside of his personal circle. The reason was is that it’s too dangerous for you (now, of course it’s not that we have many other medications and vaccines for it) , he’s intentionally ordered infected people to be cared for in nursing homes knowing full well that it would kill many of them.

All this is done to maintain a corrupt kingdom and we, THE PEOPLE, must put a stop to this.

Action 4 Liberty

January is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to deal a MAJOR BLOW to the political machine in St Paul and Tyrant Tim Walz. All the work over the past year that led to us removing four Walz cronies from office, will culminate in a showdown once the legislature meets…


The math is finally on our side to End Walz’ Emergency Powers once and for all. We’ve already had six Democrats vote our way, which means we only need four of them to continue voting that way…and we’ve WON!

If we fail, our beloved businesses who are under assault from Tyrant Walz and our awful Attorney General will likely fail and go bankrupt. And the liberties we are losing everyday that this lockdown continues, will be lost for good. The stakes are incredibly high!

Capitol insiders are telling us right now that some of the Democrats who voted the right way in the past, aren’t so certain they are going to vote the right way now that the election is over and the new legislative session is beginning. Are you kidding me???

These politicians: Reps Marquart, Sandstede, Lislegard and Ecklund are starting to waiver. Are they really going to put Governor Walz ahead of their own constituents???

We need your help to remind them that Governor Walz’ illegal and immoral lockdown is harming Minnesota. The legislature MUST strip him of his powers immediately to stop the pain.

Here are the Games They’ll Play

·         Kill the Resolution

·         Avoid Hearing it

·         Water it Down – Fake End Powers Bill

·         BLACK OUT

As you and I are reaching out to these Democrats, so is Governor Tim Walz. He’s getting nervous that his powers are going to be eliminated – he won’t go down without a fight. Democrats are going to do their best to Kill the Resolution to End Walz’ Emergency Powers. However, angry voters are more powerful than anything Walz can promise them (campaign funds, committee assignments, etc). So your calls and emails are key!

If they can’t kill the bill, Democrat leaders will try to avoid an actual vote by using parliamentary procedures. Tell these Democrat targets that they MUST stand up against Democrat leadership so we get a clean vote on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers.

When killing and avoiding doesn’t work, Democrat, and even Republican leadership, will start watering down the Resolution. We’re starting to hear that weak-kneed Republicans are preparing to cut backroom deals with the Democrats on a Fake End Walz’ Powers bill. It’s bad enough that the Republicans in Washington D.C. just sold us out – massive stimulus bill with billions of dollars going overseas – we can’t let them make deals with Democrats in St Paul.

Tell these Democrat targets that we DEMAND a clean vote on the End Walz’ Emergency Powers Resolution. No compromise! And if you have a Republican Rep, make sure he or she only supports a clean vote on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers.

Lastly, the political establishment will try to BLACK OUT the vote by avoiding a roll call. House rules require 15 members to raise their hands in order to get a recorded vote. When politicians don’t want to be held accountable, they avoid roll call votes so nothing is shown on the record. We MUST DEMAND a roll call vote on every single procedural move.

To recap, on January 5th when the Legislature convenes, we DEMAND a clean vote on the End Walz’ Emergency Powers Resolution. No gimmicks, no fake bills, no refusal to obtain a roll call vote. It’s time everyone is on board to finally end the pain.

Please do me a favor. If everyone who reads this email calls, texts and/or emails these four Democrats, we can finally put an End to Walz’ Emergency Powers once and for all. Democrat Reps Gene Pelowski and Mike Sundin have already told their constituents that they’ll vote the right way (we’ll be watching to make sure they do!). So we need you to contact these four other Democrats immediately:

Rep Paul Marquart – 701-371-1949 –

Rep Julie Sandstede – 218-969-7009 –

Rep Dave Lislegard – 218-343-7965 –

Rep Rob Ecklund – 218-341-6133 – 

Fill up their inboxes and phone lines with this message:


Rep _______, I’m reaching out to you as a concerned Minnesotan who believes our state is in bad shape with Governor Walz making unilateral decisions. His orders are harming our economy and they are anti-democratic. You’ve voted to End Walz’ Emergency Powers before, but now we have the real chance to finally end them when the legislature meets on January 5th. Can you confirm that you are still going to vote the right way by voting YES on the End Walz’ Emergency Powers Resolution. And will you stand up against all attempts by Democrat leadership to kill the Resolution, so there is a clean vote?

Alternate Script:

Rep ________, I’ve watched you vote to End Walz’ Emergency Powers when it came up previously. And I thank you for doing the right thing. This recent lockdown shows that Governor Walz’ powers are abusive and causing great harm to Minnesota. Will you confirm that you’ll vote to End Walz’ Emergency Powers again when the legislature meets on January 5th? I heard that other legislators are going to try to derail the vote or amend it so Walz continues to have his powers. Will you stand up against these attempts so Minnesota citizens get a clean vote on the End Walz’ Emergency Powers Resolution?

Thank you in advance for helping us out. If this is not your cup of tea, help out with our pressure campaign by donating here. As you can imagine, we’ll need to bring some heat against the final holdouts in this fight.

In Liberty,

Jake Duesenberg

President, Action 4 Liberty

Recall Walz

This is positively, the worst Governor in Minnesota’s history.

He ordered infected people into nursing homes and these murders are now +65.5% are attributed to this choice.

He ignores science while quoting none of it in detail because it would prove that ZERO cases have been tracked to Theaters, .003 cases in Heath clubs and ZERO in water (but he closed the pools anyway), less than 1.7% in bars or restaurants and of course, no studies on large big box stores.

Outside of the nursing homes murders, we have a +70% infection from staying at home and have small social gatherings but still he’s not going to discuss numbers that would destroy his monarchy.

He’s made us lock down then went to Florida on vacation and when he came back he visited a Wisconsin bar and was thrown out. All of which he denied of course as his lordship should not be questioned.

Now, we have a 10 year business down for the count. Suicide rates are skyrocketing. Bankruptcies, Evictions are ignored but the loan payments for that building are in arrears and soon foreclosures. Divorce, violence, burning, looting and murdering are the norm with liberal Hollywood bailing out the perpetrators and liberal prosecutors refusing to press charges.

All to stop a disease the governor would not allow HCQ to be given to anyone outside of his inner circle who DID get it. But, it was unsafe for the rest of us.


Politicalization of COVID to seize power

We must think of what is going to happen if we don’t stop these socialists right here and now.

Will you still have a job? Will the job be what they say ‘you’ will do.

Everyday we see our freedoms removed and the liberal population activated to report and to confront for not conforming to the socialist agenda.

Conservatives are doxed, families threatened, licenses pulled, businesses destroyed, etc.

At what Point is ‘your’ trigger? As Reagan said ‘a recession is when your neighbor loses their job. A depression is when you lose yours’.

I sympathize with your dilemma however, as you see, it’s clearly coming to a head within weeks. To where will you run?

I chose to take a stand now.

If you are completely unable to join us at the capital every Saturday at noon, will you help pressure our elected officials to do what is right?

If so, I have all their emails of which I contribute my thoughts frequently and now this site.

My message is clear!

I insist they obey their oath of office and stop this insane lockdown designed to destroy, by Walz own words, 60% of all small businesses before he stops. (Meeting with the senate and house)

Our numbers have now exceeded those of our neighboring states that have no lockdown. Our suicide rates have increased dramatically, depression, violence, alcoholism, loneliness, etc.

Is this what ‘life’ is to be? Is this acceptable to you?

It’s time to choose to live or die. HCQ and Zinc was vilified because our president recited the results from a small study in France that it worked 100 of 100 times with zero side effects.

Our supreme socialist leaders told us a decades old drug that was always safe is now going to kill you.

Governor Walz ordered the infected into nursing homes knowing as any sane person would, this would kill scores of them.

With this he was able to secure his ‘executive’ powers and his supreme rule over his subjects. Think about what I’ve said and join us in anyway possible.