Alibi Restaurant

Arrest possible for owner of the Alibi in Lakeville after terrorists vandalized her business.

I emailed the Lakeville Police Chief. We are at a crossroads of who is going to side with us and who is going to fight us. I suggest everyone email him with respectful comments even though he is on vacation until tomorrow and lord knows what state he was in. I certainly wouldn’t vacation in Minnesota at this time.

His email is

Subject: It’s time to take a stand

Who and what are you loyal to. Soon AG Ellison will ask the Sheriff to arrest the owner of the Alibi. 

What part of the constitution will be chosen to ignore and who will be your master? 

This state sponsored goon squad that vandalized the establishment, if not fully ordered, by his Majesty and/or the illegal occupants of the Governor and AG’s office. 

I do not say that lightly as I have been a poll watcher and have seen, reported multiple times and have Somali friends who have explained how the fraud occurs of which I have reported repeatedly for years. 

I’m asking you to protect her and not allow the Sheriff, if they act on it, to take her into custody. 

I’ve published many posts and articles on the lockdown. I’m not taking it lightly and have had a severe case of it myself and with my preconditions, barely survived. 

The lockdown has ZERO value and absolutely no science backs up the Infection being spread at a significant rate. 

The economic damage that is being inflicted is far greater than the disease. 

Even as we speak, the Covid deaths in nursing homes is ~65% and the Governor is the one who issued the order which is nothing shy of intentional murder and genocide. 

I will not digress further on the subject we all are passionate about but I will beg you to protect her from a tyrannical governor and government. 

Read my blogs if you want more information but I believe if you are a supporter it’s preaching to the choir and if you’re not, no facts will ever change your mind. 

Thank you for your time, consideration and may God direct/protect you and your staff in this tumultuous time, 

Mark Miles

Another item you need to address is Walz emergency powers come up for vote on Tuesday. I have a list of senators and representatives that need a call

Rep Paul Marquart – 701-371-1949 –

Rep Julie Sandstede – 218-969-7009 –

Rep Dave Lislegard – 218-343-7965 –

Rep Rob Ecklund – 218-341-6133 – 

Fill up their inboxes and phone lines with this message:


Rep _______, you have an important job this week. Minnesotans are suffering from record levels of depression and suicide. And every day, we hear about a new business going under. All of this is happening because one man believes he knows better than the rest of Minnesota. Do what is right and vote to End Walz’ Emergency Powers immediately. Return lawmaking to the Legislature where it belongs. And don’t let House Leadership block the vote through procedural moves. 

Alternate Script: Rep ________, you’ve voted to End Walz’ Emergency Powers in the past. I’m so happy you were willing to place your voters & constituents needs ahead of your Party’s Governor. But I hear you might not vote the same way now that there’s actually a chance of the End Walz’ Emergency Powers Resolution passing. Please tell me this is not true. Minnesotans need you to stand for our liberty and for what’s right. Vote to End Walz’ Emergency Powers this week! Don’t let Speaker Hortman derail an actual vote on this important issue.