The COVID apocalypse has begun in the emergency rooms as written by a first hand witness.

Advertising for the breakthrough surge upon us.

Day 1 in emergency

In emergency with a small heart attack and was bounced out to waiting for an hour now due to COVID cases from being fully vaccinated are insane.

At least 20-30 people since I came in an hour ago near death. 3 triages setup in waiting room and another in the registration room, people in hallways. This is insane the staff is overwhelmed.

They just tried to intimidate me to take the shot, they know I’ve already had it and now have natural immunity and do not require it at all.

I let them know not to touch me with that as I’ve already had COVID then the doctor lied to me and said yes but, the new strains are far worse and I know that to be a complete and total lie.

MDH is running new numbers on their website. Go look for them. Over 7,000 breakthrough cases and based on what I’m seeing today that number, if reported properly, will be double that today if this emergency is indicative across the metro and way worse if this is our state.

This place is woodwinds, is an apocalypse today with fully vaccinated people as they are saying as they check in I heard was fully or first shot vaccinated.

The apocalypse has just begun IMO. I’ve only seen this level of illness in apocalypse movies many are in extremely terrible shape.

Later that evening

Beds being staged in hallways throughout the hospital

Day 2

Got me a room after 26 hours in ER. 🥴

Yuppers, it’s an apocalyptic view in ER.

A young kid what’s in convulsions, the ER has people staged in the halls all were eyes closed and in major hurt.

Spoke to a nurse here and they said it just started this week. We discussed at length the problem and many here are seeing this as I am.

Genocide it has only just begun.

Day 3

More tests today.

I’m here because of a heart problem I’ve had since I was a child. I get another surgery on the 14th but maybe tomorrow. All up in the air due to overwhelming needs of all kinds of health care issues many of which, are vaccine related.

The people that are in the emergency room have been vaccinated 1 and 2 times with terrible results. This is not a vaccine. You don’t take a vaccine then get ill from the same virus or get health issues from the vaccine that’s supposed to PREVENT illness and not CAUSE it.

After 26 hours in ER I now have a room. People are lined up in the hallways, a young girl (~10-12) in convulsions, others looking near death. This is like being in an apocalyptic movie.

The staff is saying it started a week ago and is running wild. Every bed in the metro is filled with vaccinated people being the overwhelming majority.

Some are looking to quit right now as they openly discuss this IS NOT NATURAL but the vaccine is causing it.

I’m just reporting what I’ve seen, lived and heard from patients and staff.

The genie is out of the bottle and there’s no putting him back in.

Just got informed they need my room and now I’m in the lobby of the heart floor.

Place is being overwhelmed with new patients. I was just told 14 people are on intubation. 15 rooms total but closer to 20+ including hallways.

Sign goes up. Looks like Physical Therapy is now 4 rooms plus me in the lobby, now 2 of us and more going into hallways.
Me getting my equipment setup
PT is being setup in my new room with my clothes on the floor in bags.

I just asked to go home and sit there. This is all surreal. 🤦‍♂️

Did anyone notice when you reorganize the letters it is MORONIC🙄

Author: Mark Miles

I am the designer and editor of the content on this site. The intent is to provide everyone with multiple avenues to create positive change within our dysfunctional and mostly illegal (voter fraud I personally have witnessed) political system. Here we will provide personal stories, published content from other media sources and commentary on current political events with access to information for the user to act upon and attempt to make positive changes to your state and country.

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