Interesting results of the vaxed VS the un vaxed. This is NOT good for those who got the jab.

Narrative destroying UK data released overnight.

Yet again the data shows the exact opposite of lies of Big Govt, Big Pharma & Big Media.

Adults over 30, are MORE LIKELY to have Covid if they’ve been ‘double dosed’.

And in the 40, 50, 60 and 70 year-old age bracket, you are more than 100% MORE LIKELY to have Covid if you’ve been ‘doubly dosed’.

On this data, we need ‘non-vaccinated passports’ because it’s the unvaccinated that are less likely to have Covid.

And I wonder if our breakfast TV shows reported these facts today ?

Author: Mark Miles

I am the designer and editor of the content on this site. The intent is to provide everyone with multiple avenues to create positive change within our dysfunctional and mostly illegal (voter fraud I personally have witnessed) political system. Here we will provide personal stories, published content from other media sources and commentary on current political events with access to information for the user to act upon and attempt to make positive changes to your state and country.

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