Washington D.C. Hotel Shuts Down to Avoid Serving Trump Voters Attending Jan. 6 Rally

A popular Washington D.C. hotel has shut down just to avoid having to serve Trump voters who are headed to the nation’s capital to attend the massive January 5 Trump rally.

The Hotel Harrington so hates Trump voters that its operators would rather shut down and lose money rather than be forced to allow Trump fans stay there.

“Washington D.C. has been our home for 106 years and we join with all our guests, visitors, staff and neighbors in our concern and desire for everyone’s health and safety,” a hotel press release exclaimed.

“We greatly appreciate the trust our guests have placed in Hotel Harrington over the years and we wish to continue to earn that trust. While we cannot control what happens outside of the hotel, we are taking additional steps to protect the safety of our visitors, guests and employees,” the hotel added.

“Hotel Harrington will be closed Jan. 4, 5 and 6. We will not be accommodating guests, with the exception of our long-term residents who call our hotel home. Refunds will be made for all pre-paid reservations. Notifications are being sent to all reservation-holders beginning today,” the hotel said.

Hotel Harrington had become a favorite spot for center right activists visiting D.C. and its Harry’s Bar was a gathering spot for members of the Proud Boys.

Now is the time for all good citizens to boycott Hotel Harrington from this point forward.

But this is the newest tactic of anti-American supporters of left-wingery. You will see more and more of this type of behavior. Restaurants will ban groups that they think might be Republicans or patriotic organizations. Social media will continue to delete and ban conservatives, schools will refuse to accept conservative applicants, banks will bar conservatives from doing financial transactions, and employers will refuse to hire you if you are conservative.

This is where it is all headed, folks. Do not doubt me.

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Author: Mark Miles

I am the designer and editor of the content on this site. The intent is to provide everyone with multiple avenues to create positive change within our dysfunctional and mostly illegal (voter fraud I personally have witnessed) political system. Here we will provide personal stories, published content from other media sources and commentary on current political events with access to information for the user to act upon and attempt to make positive changes to your state and country.

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