Recall Walz

This is positively, the worst Governor in Minnesota’s history.

He ordered infected people into nursing homes and these murders are now +65.5% are attributed to this choice.

He ignores science while quoting none of it in detail because it would prove that ZERO cases have been tracked to Theaters, .003 cases in Heath clubs and ZERO in water (but he closed the pools anyway), less than 1.7% in bars or restaurants and of course, no studies on large big box stores.

Outside of the nursing homes murders, we have a +70% infection from staying at home and have small social gatherings but still he’s not going to discuss numbers that would destroy his monarchy.

He’s made us lock down then went to Florida on vacation and when he came back he visited a Wisconsin bar and was thrown out. All of which he denied of course as his lordship should not be questioned.

Now, we have a 10 year business down for the count. Suicide rates are skyrocketing. Bankruptcies, Evictions are ignored but the loan payments for that building are in arrears and soon foreclosures. Divorce, violence, burning, looting and murdering are the norm with liberal Hollywood bailing out the perpetrators and liberal prosecutors refusing to press charges.

All to stop a disease the governor would not allow HCQ to be given to anyone outside of his inner circle who DID get it. But, it was unsafe for the rest of us.


Author: Mark Miles

I am the designer and editor of the content on this site. The intent is to provide everyone with multiple avenues to create positive change within our dysfunctional and mostly illegal (voter fraud I personally have witnessed) political system. Here we will provide personal stories, published content from other media sources and commentary on current political events with access to information for the user to act upon and attempt to make positive changes to your state and country.

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