True Patriots!

Defy and Revolt is our duty to a Tyrannical government


Join us in changing the way we’ve allowed our government to morph into this disaster of corruption.

Come to our rallies this Saturday at the Minnesota state capital January 2, 2021 starting at 12:00 to 2:00

Then again on January 6th 2021, at 12:00 to show our resolve on refusing the electors voting after a fraudulent election that ‘I’ was a witness to as a poll watcher.

They haven’t defeated us, they woke the sleeping giant and true patriots will answer the call and show up January 6th in Washington or your state capital!

Something to think about if you are hesitant to become a part of taking our country back.

If the United States saw what the United States was doing in the United States, the United States would invade the United States to liberate the United States from the tyranny of the United States.

Governor Walz has created an elaborate, but easily disproven, lies about Trump supporters threats on him and his family.

These are lies and I call him out on it right now. We have videos, yes plural, proving his lies about January 6th and we have published proof that he and his daughter coordinated with ANTIFA to attack our group.

Walz, you are a LIAR and a FRAUD.